Seekers Worldwide – Making student educational dreams a reality

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Seekers Worldwide Ltd. was incorporated in Sri Lanka in June 2010 and founded with the objective of providing quality information to students hoping to engage in higher studies abroad and in obtaining a degree from a foreign university.

Some such qualified students propose to return back to Sri Lanka but others invest in foreign education with the objective of migrating to countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Students hoping to pursue a career in Sri Lanka need to ensure that their degrees are recognised by the Sri Lanka University Grants Commission under the Ministry of Higher Education or in the event of a qualification in medicine, then by the Medical Council of Sri Lanka.

However, students pursuing career prospects in other countries will invariably follow degree programmes recognised and or accepted in such countries, thus most migration regulations highlight such information.

Seekers also provides information services with regard to bachelor’s degrees, MBAs and MSCs, from prestigious UK and USA universities for working men and women, who for various reasons missed out on their higher education.

Entry into the bachelors or masters programmes is flexible, with great emphasis given on work experience and other accomplishments since leaving school. They can pursue such qualifications at their own pace and time online, brought to them by highly-experienced academics and practitioners for completion of programmes via self study, e-learning, tutorials, seminars and research.

Demand for higher education in the country continues to grow annually, due to non-availability of adequate places in the local universities and the high entry pass mark requirements. Thus students look to overseas universities for their higher education. Despite nearly 120,000 qualifying annually for higher education, the local universities are able to take in only around 20,000 students.

Seekers’ vision is to pool its collective wisdom, insight, experience and reach in providing the best student services, delivered in a socially responsible manner at all times and its mission is to exceed standards and benchmarks in service delivery, combine and enhance the skills of our human capital and community through socially responsible methods and be an excellent corporate citizen in providing for community needs, with its core objective being placement of students in universities and colleges worldwide.

Prospective students can refer for opportunities and scholarships.

Seekers thus offers four ‘I’s: Informative, Insightful, Impartial and Interactive consultative services to Sri Lankan students contemplating or seeking higher education overseas. The site provides complete assistance by providing the following services:

  • Student counselling – Deciding whether overseas higher education is appropriate, and if approved, complete assessment of students’ academic aspirations, course of study, preferred countries and subsequent migration, with full consideration of geographic, linguistic and financial factors.
  • Recommendation of accredited and reputed universities or colleges.
  • Assistance in securing full or partial scholarships.
  • Career counsel;ing that assists in framing and projecting career pathways to achieve goals.
  • Processing of applications.
  • Advice on student scholarships, stipends and preferential fees schemes.
  • Visa guidance and support.
  • Advise on student accommodation and living expenses.
  • Student medical insurance schemes.
  • Student education loan schemes.
  • Advice on availability of concessionary air travel for students.
  • Pre-departure briefing seminar on university/ college, culture and country.
  • Prospects of continuing higher education and career prospects in country of study.
  • Summer internships for students returning to Sri Lanka on university vacation.

Parents and/or students with budgetary constraints still seeking degrees in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA are placed under student transfer programmes to such universities through their campuses in Malaysia, Singapore or Middle Eastern countries.

This costs only one third of the amount for the same degree as obtained directly at the university. This route has now become a very popular due to easy facilitation of visas and guarantee of entry to the second or third year for transferring students. Students are also assisted in applying for scholarships and bursaries. More information could be obtained at