Resilience amid Turbulence: Revisiting Ethics

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10th International Conference on Business Management 2013 OrganiSations are bound by Business Ethics, the rules of conduct that specify what is right and wrong, just and unjust and good and bad in their varied endeavours.  Business Ethics require giving the people and the planet they inhabit due attention and care at the expense of part of their profits. In this, people encompass with all stakeholders while the planet comprises plants, animals, water and air. In essence, complying with Business Ethics involves maintaining an optimal balance between profits, people and the planet perceived in terms of the micro-environment of the business. Examples abound where organisations pay scant respect to Business Ethics causing a slow and painful degradation of fellow human beings and Mother Earth.  However, a ray of hope in this gloomy scenario is the few organisations that while staunchly complying with Business Ethics have also been extremely successful in their business endeavours. In fact, they have illustrated that concern for people and the planet does not in any way hinder earning profits. It is imperative that our business leaders and managers give early attention to this important issue before it grows to catastrophic proportions.  How and why do organizations deviate from Business Ethics and what are its possible implications?  What action should be taken by organisations, interest groups and policy- making bodies to arrest the situation? Taking in to consideration these aspects, that should gain the attention of everyone; the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has organised the 10th International Conference on Business Management, December 2013 under the theme of “Resilience amid Turbulence: Revisiting Ethics”. The ICBM 2013 is organized for the tenth consecutive year and is bound to be a successful as its predecessors. The theme will be discussed under eight main topics which will include a number of high quality research articles completed by the university academia and also corporate personnel. Following are the topics for the research tracks.
  • Intelligence Systems for Managing Business Disasters.
  • Gender and Society in Managing Business Ethics
  • Challenges and New Dimensions in Managing Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Business Collaborations and Ethics.
  • Business Ethics for Emerging and Growing Business Industries
  • Crafting an Ethical Business Climate: The Role of Entrepreneur
  • The role of Media in Ethical Business Practices.
  • Government as a Catalyst in Managing Ethical Business Climate.
  • Professions and Business Ethics
The conference will be graced by the Professor Jane E. Klobas, who will also be the Keynote speaker. Prof. Klobas currently serves as the Academic Icon Professor in the Department of Business Policy & Strategy, University of Malaya, Malaysia. She is also Alberto Dondena Research Fellow of the Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics, and Fellow, Centre for Arts, Science and Knowledge (ASK), Università Bocconi, Milano, Italy and Adjunct Professor of the School of Engineering &; Information Technology, Murdoch University, Australia. Her research interest cover a wide range of subjects and includes, Research development (including research methodology, and cross-cultural scholarly communication and coollaboration); adult learning (collaborative learning, social learning, e-learning); knowledge transfer, information management and applications of the theory of planned behaviour The 10th ICBM 2013 will go under way at ‘The Blue Water, Wadduwa’ on the 10th of December 2013 throughout the whole day. The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce cordially invites practitioners, academics, industry personnel and other interested parties to participate for the conference. Participants will be able to educate themselves regarding critical ethical issues and potential solutions for these issues. ICBM 2013 will provide an open forum for its participants to discuss and brainstorm such solutions for the benefit of the society.