NIMS University Of India launches MBA in Sri Lanka

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NIMS University India has launched its MBA in Sri Lanka following the establishment of its Sri Lanka Campus in July 2011.

It is an MBA conforming to international standards with 18 taught modules over a two year period. It is delivered by an unmatched panel of lecturers including both academics and industry practitioners. This quality MBA comes at an affordable price to suit the needs of many.

Started as the National Institute of Medical Sciences, today the NIMS University has expanded into a leading multi faculty University in India. NIMS specialises in medicine, engineering, management & technology, law, arts and humanities. It is recognised by the Government of India under the University Grants Act of 1956.   Speaking to Daily FT, a much sought after opinion leader on MBA studies Ravi Jayawardene said “It’s easy to get the letters ‘MBA’, but many find it difficult to live up to an MBA when it comes to performance. Today there are many MBA programmes on offer. Unfortunately, many of these MBA programmes only give you the letters MBA. The challenge is to transform someone to become a real master of business through an intensive programme of study and development.” He went on to say “the advantage of a real master’s degree is the internal change you will experience with the programme where you will be able to perform at a higher level and take on bigger responsibilities.”  

When asked about how to select a right MBA, Jayawardene had this to say. ‘There are five things to consider when you select an MBA;

(a)First look at the awarding body. Go for a reputed University, preferably a state one.

(b)Second is to look at the contents. Don’t go for 12 month tak-tik-tuk type MBAs. Shortcuts don’t work in life and you will be exposed at work. Go for one that has 16-18 subjects and has specialisation. Today you need specialisation and not just an MBA. Consider the support available like books & database access.

(c)Third factor is the most important in my view; the faculty. Don’t learn an MBA from losers; learn from people who have made to the top and the best academics. That guarantees you success.  

(d)Forth is the assessment method. A good MBA will always have assignments, presentations, discussions and examinations. All these are essential for rounded learning. Go for an MBA with a dissertation; research knowledge will definitely help you to become a better manager.

(e)Fifth one is investment. Most expensive is not the best always or the cheapest. Find an MBA that suits your budget and that you get the best learning. Remember, when you have an MBA you need to perform as one and no point saying I have an MBA from XYZ University, which is ranked in top 10, while displaying mediocre performance!  

NIMS MBA is a two year degree with 18 taught modules. It has specialisation options in finance, marketing, HR and operations. It is delivered by an unmatched lecture panel consisting of leading academics and proven industry experts. There are limited scholarships on offer for first come fist serve basis.

NIMS Sri Lanka Campus is established with the collaboration of NEXT, the premier education institute in Sri Lanka. NEXT built its reputation as the leading Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM-UK) study centre in Sri Lanka and later expanded to other professional studies, postgraduate degrees and consulting services. NEXT is committed to bring quality education to Sri Lanka at an affordable price to improve capability and competitiveness of emerging Sri Lanka.