IIT offers strong foundation for future undergraduates

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The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) is a firm believer in giving as many students as possible, an opportunity to obtain a quality education. If a student is keen and passionate to study, then IIT believes every possible avenue should be made open to that student.

With this in mind, IIT makes available a Foundation Programme that is designed for the novice as well as those who do not have the requisite university entry criteria to sit for the degree programme. As IIT offers BEng (Hons) Software Engineering as well as BSc (Hons) Information Systems with Business Management internal degrees from the University of Westminster (UOW) UK, the Foundation Programme’s curriculum is structured to suit these undergraduate studies.

As such subjects for the Foundation include Elements of Electronics, Personal Computer Based Applications, Mathematics for Business IIT building& Computing, Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Visual Basic Programming, Introduction to Database Systems, Business Management and Communication Skills in English.

These subjects form the core and basics of what students will go on to learn in the degree programmes. Therefore the Foundation Programme which spans over a year is definitely not a waste as it is geared to adapt to the course structure of the degrees.

Once a student has successfully completed the Foundation Programme, switching over to one of the graduate programmes is extremely easy – not only in an administrative sense but also in an academic sense.

A frequent sentiment of those who have entered the degree via the foundation programme is that they feel immensely comfortable and at ease during the degree programme as they have been in the Institute for a year by that time. They are therefore comfortable with the lectures, lecturers and other facilities offered at IIT.

The limited intake for a class – of 20 – for the Foundation Programme ensures that students receive dedicated attention which is vital, given that in any field the foundation must be solid in order for the entirety to be a success.

Students following the Foundation Programme are also required to complete a project that is in the form of a creative solution to a problem. This too gives the students a learning opportunity that equips them with the skills necessary for the degree programme.

Students are taught and encouraged to think for themselves, give vent to their creativity, enhance communication skills, develop research and reference work ability, work in teams and build up group work. Above all students following the Foundation Programme at IIT are assured of an appreciative and attentive audience for their queries and ideas.

The Foundation conducted at IIT leads THE way not only to the internal degrees of UOW conducted at the campus itself but also to many other foreign degrees in many other foreign universities accept this qualification for students to join them and follow their degrees.