IIT offers degrees with a job guarantee

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The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT- www.iit.ac.lk) is a firm believer in giving as many students as possible, an opportunity to obtain a quality education. If a student is keen and passionate to study, then IIT believes every possible avenue should be made open to that student.

With this in mind, IIT makes available a foundation program that is designed for after O/L students, meaning who has only O/L’s as an educational qualification as well as those who do not have adequate A/L results to sit for the degree program. As IIT offers BEng (Hons) Software Engineering as well as BSc (Hons) Information Systems with Business Management internal degrees from the University of Westminster (UOW), the foundation program’s curriculum is structured to suit these undergraduate studies, not only the internal degree programs of UOW UK but also many other UK universities and even other international universities have started to recognise this foundation qualification.

Once a student has successfully completed the foundation program, switching over to one of the degree programs is extremely easy – not only in an administrative sense but also in an academic sense. The limited intake for a class of 20   for the Foundation Program ensures that students receive dedicated attention which is vital, hence that in any field the foundation must be solid in order for the entirety to be a success.

Students following the foundation program are also required to complete a project that is in the form of a creative solution to a problem. This too gives the students a learning opportunity that equips them with the skills necessary for the degree program. Students are taught and encouraged to think for themselves, give vent to their creativity, enhance communication skills, develop research and reference work ability, work in teams and build up group work. Above all, students following the Foundation Program at IIT are assured of an appreciative and attentive audience for their queries and ideas.

BSc (Hons) Information Systems with Business Management

In this highly tech savvy society in which we live, it is increasingly important to learn how IT knowledge can be successfully combined and merged with other business disciplines in a manner that will benefit a large number of people who are seeking for job opportunities. This is where the BSc (Hons) in Information Systems with Business Management (ISBM) Degree offered at IIT as a qualifying internal degree from the University of Westminster UK, becomes of vital importance. The ISBM degree is to develop multidisciplinary professionals who can understand the business challenges in functional units such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations management. Further, this degree is also designed to produce graduates who will be able to integrate their ICT skills with their knowledge of business operations and management to support an enterprise to achieve competitive advantage. Therefore ISBM students of IIT definitely enjoy an edge over other business graduates in their career advancement.

BEng (Hons) Software Engineering

The BEng (Hons) Software Engineering offered at the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) too has vital global recognition. The very fact that IIT is the Institute to provide this degree is an added advantage for those looking at career growth options both in Sri Lanka and in an International arena, thus of its repute for the past 22 years and also the IIT Software Engineering degree is not just taught but students are fully immersed in the practical aspects of the subject and industry through their lecturers who are industry experts as well as the placement year experience that is mandatory. This course embodies the best ways to design, build, maintain and evaluate software systems. It makes use of many of the technical aspects of computer science, especially programming, and aims to develop the professional attitudes, interpersonal and technical skills that students would require in the software engineering industry.

Unique placement year of both degrees, sees students in industry related organisations experiencing practical manifestations of what they have been learning. Being able to observe the practical application of their course and further enhance their knowledge on the same has been of invaluable experience and benefit to IIT students. And also the final year project encourages students to hone their thinking to develop innovative concepts. Therefore students are assured a job placement with the successful completion of the degree.

Apart from academic knowledge, IIT also places great importance in Soft Skill Development, Team work, Motivational projects, Presentation skills and other professional attitudes and attributes along with interpersonal skills.

With a dedicated team of lecturers and administrators, IIT remains the number one choice amongst students for British IT and business degrees. IIT is not a fashion it is a lifestyle with a 2500 alumni across the globe. IIT invites students after A/L’s or O/L’s to come and witness the difference that the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) can make for them with its expertise and experience since 1990. For further information, write to admissions@iit.ac.lk or call 0722 72 72 72 or visit and speak to counsellors at IIT Main Campus at No. 57, Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 6.