IIHE: Creating hard hitters in the Sri Lankan economy

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In a competitive educational environment, IIHE opens its doors to new entrants to its University of Wales MBA program, thrice a year. But quite a few high caliber students still miss out on the opportunity to identify the best suited institute to follow higher studies at. Susceptible to all kinds of influences by marketers, it is after having to wade through an overdose of information that most prospective MBA students would finally decide on the location of study, still making the wrong choice. Then there is the less informed, small percentage, who fumbles in the dark without having conducted their research on the institutions available. What really influences student preference in selecting an institute? The key factors would be ‘employability’once having completed the course and its ‘global recognition’, the latter being expected to create a portal to jobs offered across the seas. Ticking both requirements, the University of Wales MBA at IIHE covers many topics expected within an MBA program. The course also targets at developing students’ analytical skills and the ability to make informed decisions, while ensuring up-to-date awareness of the latest methodologies and technologies that prevail in the modern business environment. In looking at selecting IIHE for an MBA, there are many differentiating factors that stand out. Considered as one of the top private institutions in Sri Lanka that offers a world recognised British MBA, at a fraction of the cost compared to those available within the UK, IIHE delivers its promise on quality across all aspects of tertiary education. IIHE, with a combined reputation for the best in teaching and student development, conducts progressive evaluation of students through varied modules. Subject matter may include how to deal with issues in Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) operations, how to conduct research and evaluation through Qualitative and Quantitative techniques and understanding of Consumer Behavior. Not forgetting the opportunity students receive for real life application of theories taught. In conducting the Wales MBA program for over 18 years in Sri Lanka, IIHE has produced several recognised heavy hitters in the local business scenario.The institute is proud of those who have passed out of its MBA program and are giving back to the immediate community, society-at-large, industry or country. Ray Abeywardena, the Managing Director of Acuity Partners Ltd and a distinguished IIHE Alumni who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and business acumen, was recently engaged in a discussion. Ray highlighted the fact that an MBA enhances the business skills of an individual while complementing his or her professional qualifications, which adds substance to work related experiences. He described the benefit of having followed an MBA as, “being able to draw on the theoretical concepts, case studies and other applications learnt, into day to day practical work across the four key areas of Marketing (he is a qualified marketer), HR, Finance and especially, Business Strategy.” Talking about his time as a student at IIHE, he said, IIHE provided a pleasant environment in which I was able to complete my MBA in. The quality of the lecturers, the quality of the staff of IIHE & the quality of my fellow batch mates made a hard task so much easier to achieve. And in being asked about the MBA per se, this is what he had to say, “It is not a quick fix MBA. It is tough and compelling and my advice to those who are looking for a quick qualification is to look elsewhere, as the Wales MBA prides in being thorough. The MBA at IIHE is for those who are serious on wanting a qualification that will hold a you in good stead in life. You have to work hard for your MBA at IIHE. The administrators from Britain who visit’s Sri Lanka several times a year also provides a student to discuss any issues directly with them. Intake is now on. Call 0774 778 773.