Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka: Best Place to Work

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“Our dream is to get our people on the front page of everything we do. We measure success by the ‘happiness index’ of our team and let profit and stakeholder satisfaction emerge as a consequence. We are proud to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to realise their dreams!”

These are the words of Amar Raj Singh Managing Director of Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka the franchise holders of the international chains ‘Pizza Hut’ and Delifrance and entrant in the Top 20 list of ‘Best Companies to Work For 2015’ in Sri Lanka. The proof of which can be seen in the way the employees conduct their business both internally and towards customers.


According to a very ecstatic Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka CEO Yasa Nadarajah, “Our management takes pride in empowering every employee with responsibility, trust, creativity and the ability to rise and shine in their particular field. Additionally, we have filled our ranks with leaders and thinkers and not just followers. We work in an ever-changing landscape with high competition and we need people who will gladly take up the challenge and view setbacks as lessons using failure to become better. This is the sort of thinking we encourage and this is why people here, are not just happy but happy at what they are doing which always brings out the best.”

Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka also employs a number of team incentives that reward teams instead of individuals, which has clearly worked across the board for everyone, where success is demonstrated, delivered and celebrated within the team, making an overall stronger dynamic within the organisation. Another practice that keeps Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka in the top 20 list is the option for employees to enrol themselves in development programs without having to be nominated by their superiors. This again encourages empowerment and gives employees a better chance of going up the corporate ladder achieving new goals and heights within the company.

Every service-oriented company or organisation depends heavily on the happiness of its employees. This happiness is reflected in the service they give customers, which is a clear result of the warmth, support and encouragement they receive from every side of management. In turn, these lead to higher profits, higher return and of course repeat business. As for Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka things have never been happier and it is true ‘service with a smile’ for every customer of Gamma PizzaKraft Lanka.

Gamma PizzaKraft is the sole franchisee of Pizza Hut and Delifrance in Sri Lanka.