Experiential learning at NTB

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Nations Trust Bank (NTB) has earned a reputation for being one of the most dynamic banks in the Industry.

The staff members of NTB are predominantly in their early twenties. Keeping them actively engaged is one of the most exciting challenges that the Human Resource department faces. The Learning and Development unit have scheduled four different Bank wide events over the year to provide learning opportunities forums for networking and self development. The popular quiz program ‘Nations Master Minds’ and the ‘Nations Debates’ are organised to stimulate the intellect and widen their knowledge and business.

Recently they concluded a totally out of the box event ‘Nations Amazing Race’, the first time an event of this magnitude was organised in Sri Lanka and the enthusiasm among the staff was great. 30 teams commenced the race. The Amazing Race tested teamwork, out of the box thinking, innovative skills, communication and leadership and also the knowledge of the history and culture of the city of Colombo and Sri Lanka.

The underlying theme of the event was ‘Proud to be Sri Lankan.’ Each team comprised of six staff out of which at least two were of the fairer sex. When the race began the teams were given a clue in the form of a riddle and they had to make their way to the correct location. There were 12 pitstops – some of which were merely points at which they received the clue to your next destination and others were activity stations at which the Team had to perform a mentally, physically or even socially challenging task!

Pushing the carts of the ‘Natamis” in Pettah and looking for coke bottles in the Wellawatte Beach were some unusual tasks they performed. After a full day of activity the team ‘Sonic

 from the Central Operations Unit of the Bank emerged winners.

On 4 March, the L&D Unit is conducting the ‘Nations Motor Rally 2012’. The Ceylon Motor in the Sports Club is providing the technical expertise in running this Mega event across several towns and villages within Western Province.

The objective is to develop, practice and showcase and test the core value of the Bank through this fun filled program. 50 branded cars carrying 200 staff will take off from a specially constructed Ramp at the Nawam Mawatha, Millennium square opposite the Nations Leasing building commencing at 7a.m. It is tipped to be a very colourful take off after which the teams will follow the “navigation instructions” and discover the route to a destination 100 Km away.  The cars will leave at two minute intervals and the final car is scheduled to leave by 8.45a.m.

All surprise checkpoints along the way will monitor the time and distance. While some checkpoints will require the four member crew comprising of the driver, navigator, leader and coordinator to perform an activity.

Innovation, strictly to enhance, inspirational leadership, team work and communication are core competencies that make the staff members of Nations Trust Bank stand out as exceptional. The Nations Motor Rally 2012 is expected to be an event where these competencies will be tested.