Dhammika Kalapuge to share Service Mantras

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Well-known customer service and inspirational trainer Dhammika Kalapuge will stage yet another event in his one-day program series entitled Service Mantras to share 16 customer loyalty assuring actions to be followed in organisations, on 25 February at The Kingsbury. Kalapuge has a reputation for conducting inspirational programs both locally and overseas. His name is synonymous with ‘Power to Change’ and he is one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned people development trainers. During the last decade and a half he has conducted over 2,350 programs at nearly 450 private and public sector institutions, locally and overseas, mostly to achieve excellence in service quality. His ability to present a message simply and effectively to people from all walks of life, using true life stories, is considered a significant attribute of his educational programs. Commenting on ‘Service Mantras’, Kalapuge said: “With the continued growth momentum in business activities being witnessed presently the need to serve customers with a feel and sense of belonging has become a priority in all sectors of any economy. In the marketplace, leading customer interface staff to deliver a memorable service experience can bring about a competitive edge to any entity. This one-day program will give insight to the service champions to inspire themselves and their staff to sell better and serve their clientele consistently. “When one creates a memorable service experience it will initially determine a favourable purchase decision and thereafter it will also influence the customer to remain loyal to the organisation for a longer period of time. When you create value to customers with genuine and gentle care you have a loyal customer for life, thus assuring significant lifetime value, through a highly positive ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS),” he said. Speaking on the topic, he said: “A mantra is a structured expression of thoughts. It is not the usual ritual that is generally done by way of recitation or chanting at occasions of varied importance. At this program the 16 service mantras will give you an insight into actions one has to practice and the contributions that have to be given to organisations, during day-to-day activities of service providers, so as to install a service excellence culture. “Each and every service mantra will be a rhyming phrase which is simple to grasp and easy to remember. Moreover, the service mantras are explained to participants with true to life examples and stories, enabling participants to grasp and remember the mantras easily. Through these mantras participants will be stimulated to conceptualise and think on their own to realise what kind of value creation has to be made in their assigned task roles to establish the appropriate service culture.” Kalapuge explained that through this program participants will appreciate how important it is for service champions to establish an outstanding service excellence culture that will energise all staff to achieve the glory of a successful win. Hence, providing excellent customer service continues to be the most important discipline to embark upon right now for organisations to survive and thrive. Eventually, the program will enrich and empower service champions with a passion to strengthen and enhance the customer service culture to its prime advantage in any organisation, he said. The program is aimed at all those who interact with customers. As a key outcome of the program, participants will be requested to document five action steps that will help create a “distinctly sustainable differentiation” in respect to their organisation. During the past, Kalapuge’s programs have been organised by SIPCOM-1 Ltd. – a company focusing on total people development. SIPCOM-1, housed at the Galadari Hotel, organises and promotes in-house and public programs both in Sri Lanka and elsewhere on the theme of service quality. Programs are exclusively designed and conducted by Kalapuge, who can be contacted on 2431314. For further information visit www.sipcom-1.com.