Deepal presents ‘The Triple Balance: the triple bottom line of success’

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Deepal Sooriyaarachchi one of the most versatile management development consultants in the country with local and international experience and exposure is launching a unique one day program titled “Triple Balance- the triple bottom line for success” targeting business leaders, and senior managers who are responsible for delivering bottom line results. The program gives useful practical tips on how to innovate the business, be personally effective and how to balance business and family. It will be held on 20 March at Galadari Colombo and presented by Inspire One. This One day program will make the participants think afresh about the business, self and the family. In this highly competitive environment it is very easy to lose focus in all these three areas and even more importantly how to keep a balance in all three. How to innovate the business The program guide the participants to look at their businesses in a novel way with a view to  innovate the business by revisiting the core strategic thrust of the business, and by approaching the business through the triple prism of People, Processes and Policies. How to be more effective as a person Participants will be given a number of simple tools that will help them think creatively, and gain better focus in their own life whether it is business, professional or personal. An important element of this module will be how to develop mindfulness as an executive capability based on his book on the same topic published in UK titled ‘Inward Bound’. How to balance family with business They will learn some proven concepts that can be used to ensure prosperity to the family while being successful in the business or the profession. This program will help them cut through the concept clutter and grasp the essential. Ideal for business owners, heads of business units such as branch managers the program will be highly interactive and end of the day each participant will have key elements to prepare a personal development action plan covering all three areas. Deepal brings in three decades of senior management experience in managing one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as well as his wealth of knowledge and exposure in multifaceted fields locally and internationally. He is unique in his ability to blend the best insights from east and west. Deepal is the former Managing Director of AVIVA NDB Insurance (AIA). He serves on a number of boards including that of Sampath Bank and AIA Insurance as an independent director. He also functions as the Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission and has authored over 15 books locally and internationally. He pioneered disseminating modern management concepts in simple language through his book series ‘Sinhalen Business’. His writings and presentations are so popular because of his unique ability to present even the most complex concepts in a very simple manner. He is passionate about developing people and brings this ability to inspire others. Participating in a program delivered by Deepal is in itself a life changing experience. Describing as to what to expect from the program Deepal says: “What you know matters, but it is not all. How you see perhaps is even more important, and how you see determines what you do and what you do brings results, Hence How you see is fundamental. Seeing is an activity of the mind. In this program the emphasis will be on how to see your business, yourself and your relationships afresh. The program will be more than knowledge sharing. Knowledge is democratised today and you can have access to it very easily. But what is important and in fact what makes the difference, which really matters is what you do with what you know. This program is more about learning to see. This experience will be a platform on which you will build your own development action plan. It is not a list of things that run in to pages you will do but one thing in each area that you will do with a firm commitment of dates, times, and allocated resources. “‘Wealth of information creates a poverty of attention’ wrote economist Herbert Simon in 1971. Triple Balance will be your starting point to cut through the concept clutter and identify what is important and relevant to you and learn what to focus on. This is not about grabbing the latest management fad or the buzz word, but really looking at the core issues whether it is the business, self or family. We are increasingly getting distracted and do things on the run. We take a painkiller and move forward. Sustainable success needs more than ignoring or masking the symptoms, but deep and fundamental transformation. This is possible only by seeing things clearly. This programme is to help executives to start a journey in that road. “When we consider the balancing of all these three aspects the visual imagery that comes to mind can be that of a juggler. In fact a juggler not only gives us a picture to relate but also provides some basic principles that can be very useful for the business executive who wishes to find the equilibrium.” 1.The Juggler ensures that the objects move within the given range and he is fully aware of the distance. 2.He is constantly aware of himself and the objects in relation to himself. 3.He is aware of the whole process and all the objects not any particular object. 4.He is agile and gets back to the original composure very quickly. 5.He constantly evolves the strategy. 6.Keep practicing that he is up on the skills. 7.Experiments with new moves. “These seven dimensions of the Juggler if applied to the life realities of a business executive then it will help her to be successful, to find the equilibrium. I cannot guarantee that you will be transformed to a new person at the end of the session but certainly can assure that you will start to ‘see’ things differently.” “We are indeed privileged to present Deepal’s program as our first.” says Sujith Silva MD of Inspire One a company in consulting, event management and training. This is the first of a series of high impact programs that will be presented by Inspire One and they can be contacted on 0777 18 6266.