Coaching for career success

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By Ajith R. de Costa

If you want to pursue your career aspirations successfully, you must take 100% responsibility for anything and everything you experience in your life. This includes your level of qualifications, career achievements, the results your produce, your past performance, the quality of your relationships, span of your network, the state of your health, physical fitness, your feelings and working on your weakness.

In-line with the above, the coach will be able to assist your career success by:


  • Helping to overcome your limiting beliefs about future careers.
  • Building strong self-esteem.
  • Discovering your life purpose and your career vision.
  • Using the power of visualisation and affirmations to accelerate the accomplishment of your career goals.
  • Coming up with effective and profound strategies and action plans to achieve your career success.


By adhering to the above process, the coach can assist you to avoid difficulties or derailment in your career and help your achieve career success beyond your expectations. How could you overcome your limiting beliefs about future career? One of the most common limiting belief which you may face is that you have a mind-set that you are not capable of achieving your career goals. You may nurture such a limiting belief with your personal perceptions, negative past experiences or it may stem from failed relationships. If you couldn’t address these limitations proactively, this can lead to you self-sabotaging of your future career and recurring negative consequences. 

A coach can help you to draw your attention to this and work with you to overcome career limiting beliefs by using the following techniques: 


  • Write down your limiting career beliefs.
  • Identify the ways and means of limiting you.
  • Imagine the worst -case scenario and feel the extreme pain this will cause you if you continue to believe in it.
  • Identify how you would prefer to act and feel.
  • Imagine the benefits of changing the belief. Visualise the best possible career outcome after such changes.
  • Make a turnaround ‘Career Statement’ that affirms what you need in your future career.
  • Use your ‘Career Statement’ as affirmation until you have a new empowering belief in place.
  • Repeat it many times a day without allowing any doubts to cloud your thinking process for a minimum 30 days.
  • Visualise the new opportunities that would be created through your ‘Career Statement’ and the benefits you will be enjoying with this new empowering belief.
  • Repeat the same process with all of you career limiting beliefs you are aware about yourself.


APC Sri Lanka in collaboration with International Coach Federation USA is organising a breakfast meet under the theme ‘Global Coach Leadership Think Tank,’ an event with international coaches who will share their knowledge and expertise with Sri Lankan corporate leaders, coaches and coach enthusiasts on 20 August at Colombo Hilton Residences. 

To mark the remarkable milestone of the first year anniversary APC has organised eminent speakers to address the gathering, which is bound to be an eventful breakfast meeting. This would be an ideal opportunity to listen to global experts on coaching trends.