38th AGM of the Alumni Association of the University of Colombo

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Head of Administration Sumanarathne Marasinghe, Treasurer Janek Jayasekara, Vice President Suranjani Wickremeratne, President Rajeev Amarasuriya, Vice Chancellor Sr. Prof. Chandrika N. Wijeyaratne, Secretary Ruwandhi Thanthrige and Assistant Treasurer Milad Mubarak


Vice Chancellor Senior. Prof. Chandrika N. Wijeyaratne

President Rajeev Amarasuirya

The 38th Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association of the University of Colombo was held at the Senate Hall of the University of Colombo with the participation of the Vice-Chancellor Senior Professor Chandrika N. Wijeyeratne, who is also the Ex-officio Vice President of the Association and other Office Bearers and Members. 

Several Constitutional Amendments were adopted and passed at this AGM, which included an Amendment to enlarge the membership of the Association to include all those who are eligible to become members; by virtue of having studied at the University of Colombo, but who have not joined through subscription. 

This new category of members will be associate members of the Association, and with this Amendment, all Graduates and Postgraduates of the University of Colombo; by virtue of having studied at the University of Colombo, become associate members of the Association. After 38 years of being formed, with this new Amendment, the Alumni Association now represents all Alumni of the University of Colombo.

Speaking at the AGM, President Rajeev Amarasuriya said that even though the year under review was affected first by the Easter-Sunday attacks and then the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association was resilient and realigned its activities to suit the circumstances.

He went on to state that not only did the Association become financially stronger, but the activities of the Association did not stop and that a good example was creativity uncontained. A concept by Senior Executive Committee member J.M. Senanayake Bandara introduced during the initial stages of the lockdown, which brought forth many hidden talents. He also went on to state that many other organisations had from thereon commenced competitions similar to this. 

The President also reported to the membership on the status of the swimming pool project for the University of Colombo, the design for which had to be revised due to the route of the proposed light rail transport system, presently cutting across the University Ground.

The Vice Chancellor thanked the Alumni for the commitment and support towards the University of Colombo. She went on to emphasise the importance of Alumni for any University and that she was very happy that the Association had taken on the swimming pool project, which was a long standing need for the University of Colombo. 

The Vice Chancellor also highlighted the measures taken by the University to contain the spread of COVID-19, as well as the several new initiatives undertaken. 

The Secretary Ruwandhi Thanthrige presented the annual report, and the Treasurer Janek Jayasekera presented the accounts and the vote-of-thanks was delivered by Vice President Suranjani Wickramaratne.

The Office-bearers of the Association for the year 2020/2021 include President Rajeev Amarasuriya, Vice President Sr. Prof. Chandrika N. Wijeyeratne, Vice Chancellor (Ex-Officio) Suranjani Wickremeratne, Immediate Past President Lakshman Keerthisinghe, Secretary Ruwandhi Thanthrige, Assistant Secretary Prof. Naazima Kamardeen, Treasurer Janek Jayasekara, Assistant Treasurer Milad Mubarak, Editor Mahesha Amarasuriya and Assistant Editor M.K. Gnanasekera. 

The Past Presidents as Advisors are Tissa Devendra, J. Charitha Ratwatte, Thilak Karunaratne, Ramanee Amarasuriya and P.W. Senaratne.

The Executive Committee Members are J.M.S. Bandara, Milton Arandara, K.D.R. Siriwardena, Jithendra Gunatilake, G. Wijemanne, Dr. Dayani Panagoda, Dinesha de Silva, Pradeep Uluwaduge, Asanka Ranhotty and Chathurika Akurugoda.

A highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony for ‘Creativity Uncontained’. First Place in the 2D Artwork category for age group 4-10 years, was awarded to Chamathka Shenali Koralegedara, whilst second place was awarded to Ancel Don Weerakoon and third place was awarded to Liara Idith Perera was placed third.      

First Place in the 2D Artwork category for age group 11-16 years was awarded to Sohani Gunawardene, second place was awarded H.M. Buddhini Umesha Herath and third place was awarded to Shacheli Fernando.

First Place in the 2D Artwork category for age group 16-21 years, was awarded to Nishini Avinshya Koththigoda, second place was awarded to Nilaaviniy Balasingham and third place was awarded to Nithundree Mendis.

First place in the 2D Artwork category for the above 21 age group was awarded to Fazil Nisthar, second place was awarded to Harindra Attanayaka and third place was awarded to Sachindri Piyahasie Dias.

In the Motion Picture category, first place was awarded to the team consisting of Shangarajan Jeyavaratharajan, Nilaaviniy Balasingham, Kunasekaran Dayanujan, Deshany Mahendran, Nalliah Sathieskaran and Amirtharupan Sarmisan. 

Second place was awarded to a duo consisting of Pasindu Maduranga and Sacheera Wijesekara, whilst third place was won by Mino Gallawatta. The Panel of Judges comprised of Dr. Dayani Panagoda, Dr. Visakesa Chandrasekaram, Dr. M.T.M. Mahees, Sunil Ratnayake, Yasodhara Pathanjali and Firi Rahman.