Tourist arrivals up by 11.6% in April

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Outside-lead-1-TouristTourist arrivals in April rose by 11.6% to 136,367 boosting first four months haul by 20% to 721,185.

Arrivals from India rose by 12.3% to 25,890 in April whilst Chinese tourist arrivals rose by 37.6% to 18,927.

In the first four months arrivals from India grew by 27% to 111,514 and Chinese tourists amounted to 96,886, up by 45%.

Arrivals from Japan rose by 26% to 3,172 in April and boosted the first four months figure by 11% to 15,106.

As a region, Western Europe continue to dominate with arrivals up 20.6% to 246,438 in the first four months and 39,243 in April, up by 12%.

Arrivals from the UK rose by 7% to 12,006 in April and by 23% to 68,883 in the first four months. German tourists grew by 26% to 8,065 in April and by 14% to 51,515 by end April. 

French tourist arrivals rose by 18% in April to 7,518 and by end April they amounted to 43,173, up by 13% from the first four months of last year.

Eastern Europe as a region produced 72,662 tourists in the first four months up by 12% whilst in April arrivals declined by 3% to 11,285. Russia is the dominant source though year on year figure has been declining.

Ukraine has seen sharp growth of 79% in the first four months to 14,240 whilst in April arrivals grew by 76% to 2,338. Arrivals from Czech Republic have increased by 29% to 9,571 by end April.

Middle Eastern tourists have improved by 12% to 31,000 in the first four months and higher by 6% to 5,800 in April.

In the first quarter of this year, earnings from tourism have risen by 22% to $969.3 million. The Government has targeted 2.2 million visitors this year.

Nearly 1.8 million tourists arrived in Sri Lanka last year contributing $ 2.98 billion of earnings to government revenues in 2015 compared to $ 2.43 billion recorded during 2014.