President appeals to Parliament to support constitutional reform agenda

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President Maithripala Sirisena told Parliament yesterday that he was committed to strengthening the national reconciliation process to prevent the recurrence of war and build an independent Sri Lanka.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday at the Third Reading of the Budget, President Sirisena said economic, political and social reform would unlock Sri Lanka’s enormous potential.

 President Sirisena thanked the 47 political parties and the UNP which was behind his success.

 “I promised to abolish the executive presidency and took action in this regard. But the Supreme Court limited this by drawing a line at things that need a referendum for removal. So, we have removed all possible powers without going for a referendum,” explained the President.

President Sirisena called on all lawmakers to support his constitutional reform agenda.

He said that the last Parliament had offered a two-thirds majority to the previous government in which he too had been a member.

 “But peoples’ acts were not passed here in this House. The two-thirds power was used to enhance the President’s power. We are happy that the same Parliament was used to reduce it and ensure democracy. I request those who are standing as the opposition to support us in this new direction,” said President Sirisena. (AH)