Indian Register of Shipping to expand presence in Sri Lanka

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The Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) announced its full membership with the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). It was an effort that took 35 years to realise and ultimately in 2010 provided the IRS with increased authority as a shipping and maritime certification force. The IRS is represented by the Hayleys Group in Sri Lanka and is planning to expand its quality assessment and certification services to other industries in Sri Lanka.

The IRS is one of 13 classification societies that have been given membership status to the monitoring certification body, IACS. The IRS is currently conducting surveys for up to 6 ships in the Colombo dockyard and is in the process of expanding its quality certification services to cater to other maritime and industrial sectors that will develop alongside the shipping industry.

Explaining the importance of receiving the IACS membership, IRS Chairman Capt. J. C. Anand stated ‘We underwent significant assessments to receive IACS membership and it will give us greater recognition as a certification body and will give us more authority to expand our business operations.’ Further elaborating on the significance of the IRS’ role, Anand stated ‘Look at a ship as you would a child, in the same way that you watch a child from its birth to the time it leaves the world. Our services monitor ships from the point of their construction until they are no longer operational. Our main function as a classification society is to ensure that the safety and reliability of ships is maintained throughout a ship’s life span.’ 

Anand explained that the Colombo dockyard was doing well and is both timely and cost competent in its operations.

He also commended the working culture of those at the dockyard.

Due to the rapid economic growth in Sri Lanka and the development of ports in Trincomalee and Hambantota, shipping movements are and will continue to increase rapidly creating a demand for the services that IRS offers.

IRS Country Manager, Praveen Kr. Mishra stated ‘At any given time we have 4-6 ships under repairs, due to increased activity of the KKS, Pedro and Trinco ports, we have lots of plans in the pipeline and lots of interested investors.’

IRS has been recognised by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority as the key provider of third party inspection services at Sri Lankan ports.  In addition to this several foreign flag states and have also recognised IRS and the classification society will survey ships from Maldives, Mauritius, UAE, Panama and Liberia.  

The IRS is currently expanding its third party inspection services to the industrial sector and is providing quality management systems certifications to cater to a variety of industries in Sri Lanka, Middle East, China, Korea, Greece, USA and UK.  IRS will continue to tap into Sri Lanka’s economic potential by extending its inspection services to a range of services in the sectors of oil & gas, engineering, energy, infrastructure and marine operations.  (RdM)