TKS Finance rejuvenates share certificates with a timely innovation

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 00:02 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

Investors in the stock market which is currently making them feel somewhat dejected due to its bearish attitude have suddenly found a reason to feel rejuvenated! The reason is the introduction of a novel financial product in to the financial market by the innovative financial institution - TKS Finance, a member of the TKS group. The novel product is aptly named “Express Share Credit” The share Certificate holders can pledge their shares to TKS Finance for duration of their choice and immediately obtain a loan of 50% of the value of such shares. This means, one can get money for his shares, without having to sell a single share. 

This product which has seen its popularity rising rapidly in an otherwise gloomy share market environment brings two-fold benefits to the adversely affected share certificate holders. Firstly, it releases their blocked money which was invested during a bullish market, but are now unable to convert into productive money due to the prevailing unfavorable trend in stock market. Secondly, even for those investors who purchased shares recognized as ‘good buy with long term value’ this “Express Share Credit” facility gives an ideal opportunity to get money for short-term usage until they are ready to sell off such shares, once the share market improves.  

CEO, TKS Finance Mr. Rasika Kaluarachchi, said “We observed the unexpected difficulty faced by most investors due to their inability to convert their shares in to hard cash as they could not sell their shares at a profit due to the prevailing bearish. Further, there are many who have bought worthy shares, but, would like to have some ready cash for temporary usage without selling off such shares. Both these investors have taken advantage of our ‘Express Share Credit’ facility to their benefit. It’s ever rising popularity is therefore understandable” he concluded.