SEC, CSE to air country’s first capital market reality show

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The Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) and the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), together with Sirasa TV, have commenced a reality quiz television program titled ‘Danno Dinanno’ on Sundays at 11 a.m. This novel show aims to impart knowledge on investing in the capital market to potential and existing investors. Contestants who have a basic knowledge on the subject can easily gain eligibility to join this one-hour television quiz program by simply answering a question posed to them on the Sirasa hotline. This unique reality quiz program comprises two stages. The first phase is the Unit Stage where the contestants are given short questions on their knowledge pertaining to unit trusts, the stock market as well as general knowledge and each question entitles them to cash prizes. The two contestants who obtain the highest cash awards move to the second phase which is the Investment Table Round. The two contestants are required to answer 15 questions in this round and the prize money, which starts at Rs. 1,000, spirals to Rs. 1 million. The contestants have the chance to exit the contest and take the prize money they have won once they have successfully answered 10 questions. In addition, all contestants are eligible to consolation prizes. For certain identified questions the contestants are provided with clues by way of comments given by industry experts. These comments assist the contestants to move forward in the contest as well as enhance their knowledge on the capital market. Furthermore, a brief explanation is also given to all the questions which are posed to the contestants. The stock market has recorded a growth of 19% during 2014 and as a result of the low interest rate environment, which is prevalent at present, a large number of investors have resorted to investing in the capital market. Whilst the Colombo Stock Exchange is among the best performing stock exchanges in the world, the growth of the unit trusts which invest in the stock market stood at 18.5% this year. It is believed that a thorough understanding on the capital market is necessary for investors to invest in the capital market successfully. Hence a reality quiz program of this nature will enable investors to gain more knowledge on investing in the capital market and assist them to make better informed investment decisions. Furthermore, the ‘Danno Dinanno’ reality quiz envisages disseminating comprehensive knowledge on investing in unit trusts as well. Investors who have Central Depository System accounts or have invested in unit trusts are entitled to access the Sirasa hotline 7788 dedicated to the ‘Danno Dinanno’ program and register for the reality quiz program. This reality quiz gives two contestants the opportunity simultaneously to win prize money amounting to Rs. 1 million. Potential contestants can gain eligibility to participate in it by opening a Central Depository Systems Ltd. account or investing in units and subsequently accessing the Sirasa hotline 7788. Each program also gives viewers the opportunity to win Rs. 25,000 by accurately answering a simple question which is posed during the program. Danno Dinanno offers the Sri Lankan television audience a unique reality experience. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Colombo Stock Exchange aim at building a pool of informed and experienced investors through such programs.