Orient Factor makes business cash flow easier

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Everyone wants to see their business grow. A steady cash flow of your business is essential for its smooth running. On many occasions your company will receive credit invoices and post dated cheques, and of course you will have to wait till the relevant date arrives in order to cash them out. Factoring is a financial solution which helps you give usual credit terms to your customers and yet receive up to 70%-80% of your invoice value immediately.

Orient Factor is a unique factoring service that will provide you with the valuable service of paying cash on-the-spot for your credit invoices and post dated cheques. With Orient Factor, you can receive up to 70%-80% of your invoice value immediately, take advantage of trade discounts by paying cash up front, accelerate your cash flow by utilising its professional collection techniques, eliminate bad debt expenses, etc.    

Further, you make sure that your business grows steadily at its own pace as your sales will increase along with your financing. You can also benefit by improving the relationships with your customers.

The procedure is not much of a hassle. Actually, it’s simple. After you submit the invoice to Orient Factor, we will pay you up to 70%-80% of its face value immediately, which will in turn help your cash flow and working capital cycle to develop your business.

In the factoring process, the factor enters into an agreement with you and your customer, and upon agreement with all the parties, the customer agrees to follow the instructions by sending payment on the due date to the factoring company. When the payment is received in full from your customer, you will be paid the remainder of your invoice value minus the Factor’s Fee.

If all required documents are provided, Orient Factor will approve the facility within 4-5 working days. They charge a nominal administration fee plus the interest on the funds drawn by you against your invoices is the only cost you will have to bare. You can contact Orient Factors through their hotline – 0117577577.