NDB unveils dynamic e-Statement

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NDB being in the forefront in dynamically taking sustainable initiatives has introduced a revolutionary e-Statement which is fully integrated with a complete review of the finances and it allows account holders to easily manage their savings. 

Through this futuristic approach the bank intends to move away from traditional hard-copy statements, posted to customers in a time-honoured manner, the e-Statement also known as the Lifestyle Statement is instant, readily accessible and a soft copy can be saved for future reference. It is an all-round, integrated statement and is more secure than other statements sent by post.

The bank hence has the ability to consolidate across products and/or across the NDB group to give the customer one view and an overall unified statement. More so, the solution gives the Bank the opportunity to continuously communicate to its customers in a personalised, segmented and targeted manner unlike the usual. NDB is committed to provide the most opportune services and as a result the bank thrives to develop and offer innovative facilities with personalised value to its customers. The e-Statement provides extensive and detailed information, with donut graphs to display credit card usages, and bar graphs to display saving trends over six months. In addition to the traditional transaction details, the customer can receive a consolidated view across all products he/she holds at the bank.

It is further segregated to suittheregular retail, corporate, Islamic banking, privilege and minor account holders with a customised look and feel unique to each category. The kids’ e-Statements cater to different age groups, with attractive layoutswhich are easy to comprehend and fundamentals that involve them in financial discipline. A gamification concept has been introduced to this e-Statement to motivate kids to save more and earn rewards. 

The NDB e-Statement guarantees the highest security with password protection, where the account information will be secured, even if the emails are hacked by unauthorised third parties

Some of the unique product features are self-care and financial analysis capability at the finger tips, 24x7 statement availability on email and internet, personalised and relevant adverts/ promotions, minimising need to contact the branch or call centre with inquiries, enriching user experience, interactive and static PDFs on customer requests etc. The bank further uses this product as a tool tosend out bespoke public awareness messages. 

In addition to the static PDF e-Statement, NDB also provides an interactive PDF version which provides the customer the opportunity to drill down on his/her financial data and obtain transaction information as and when required.

Additionally, a group e-Statement is available for customers who hold multiple accounts, with NDB Wealth Management and NDB Securities.

This initiative and effort by NDB was recognised by the NBQSA (National Best Quality Software Awards) for Sustainability and Green IT, measuring the amount of energy and resources saved for the planet. Going forward, NDB intends to progress in to new solutions, providing additional value to the customers.