Bartleet Finance revalidates confidence by listing on CSE main board

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Bartleet Finance (BFN) revalidated the confidence placed by its stakeholders over the years as a secure, experienced and trusted company in the financial services industry by listing in the main board of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

The CSE on 30 June approved the introduction of 2,040,000 rated unsecured redeemable debentures (2011/2016) of Rs. 100 each at 13% interest per annum payable monthly.  

Their listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange depicts its true credentials as a trusted business source and a pioneering top-tier finance company that continues to earn and enjoy the confidence of the people of Sri Lanka.

As per Bartleet Finance Chairman Eraj Wijesinghe when asked about the company’s success said  “Ours is a simple strategy where integrity and excellence is to be maintained at all times while reaching out to different parts of the country and always upholding the client as being the most valuable asset”.

Excellence has been pivotal and which has always come naturally, Bartleet Finance has always been recognised for its integrity, strength and stability while providing various financial solutions to a diversified clientele making it a front runner in Sri Lanka’s financial sector.”

BFN debentures are trading at a premium and the managers to the issue, Bartleet TransCapital are quite confident of a market for corporate debt as it mutually benefits both investor and institution.

Bartleet TransCapital, Managing Director, Indrajith Fernando noted that the choice for many is spreading investment funds among various classes of stocks and bonds but it has to be a mix of stable, fixed-income investments to help cushion stock market volatility and stocks to provide growth potential over the long haul, which is a key ingredient to meeting long-term financial goals. “A long-term local debt market can have several economic benefits as it allows a more efficient allocation of savings as it matches the borrowers and savers directly” he added.

BFN is a member of the Bartleet TransCapital Ltd., ably backed by Bartleet group of companies with strength of over a century, diversified business experience and a modest culture that has been groomed into BFN to make it one of the top finance companies in the country.