Start a ‘Life Changing Partnership’ with Union Assurance

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Life is continuously changing every second which passes by and it is inescapable. While going through these changes, you will always encounter challenges of every degree. Overcoming these hurdles of life is not an easy feat and doing it alone is nearly impossible. These occasions tend to lead you to find people or individuals who support you to achieve the success you have always strived for. 

There is a constant reassurance in your mind when you know that there are people who support and back you up. This helps you to endeavour beyond your life’s potential and have a fresh outlook to move forward with more confidence. 

Union Assurance (UA) being in the hearts of the people for more than three decades has made a name for itself as a trustworthy Life Insurance provider which has excelled in maintaining its imperative values backed by the strength and heritage of John Keells Holdings PLC. For over 30 years, Union Assurance has protected the lives of Sri Lankans all over the country by providing them with comprehensive Life Insurance solutions enabled with novel, unique, innovative and tailor-made features to suit the ever-changing lifestyles.

The range of Life Insurance solutions provided by Union Assurance are aligned with the needs that occurs at different stages of life. These solutions range from investment, protection, retirement, education to healthcare. Understanding the true essence of life has driven Union Assurance to become not only a Life Insurance Provider but also has influenced it to re-emerge as a Life Changing Partner.  Union Assurance PLC Head of Marketing Kasun Sameera expressing his views stated: “We are extremely happy about the journey we have reached so far. Union Assurance has always been renowned for its life-long presence in protecting the lives of Sri Lankans and guiding them towards achieving success. Learning form the past and being empowered by the present, we are ready to take a revolutionary step ahead by unleashing the true potential of Union Assurance to elevate the life insurance industry to a whole new level. So, I invite you to join us as we embark on a ‘Life Changing Partnership’ towards success.

“In an ever-changing life, you will always need an opportunity which will help to drive your life towards success. This opportunity can be sought and made a reality with Union Assurance with its new approach to be your ‘Life Changing Partner’. Join hands with Union Assurance to begin a ‘Life Changing Partnership’ that will stay by your side in every step of the way in your life’s journey to success. Union Assurance team along with personal financial advisors who has the expertise in providing you with a ‘Life Changing Partnership’ towards success is poised to travel across the country.” For comprehensive guidance on starting a ‘Life Changing Partnership’ with Union Assurance contact a Union Assurance Personal Financial Advisor through 011 2 990 990.

Pix by Ruwan Walpola