Fortunaglobal Affluence Suite making waves in digital banking engagement platforms

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Fortunaglobal, a pioneer in fintech solutions for the banking and financial sector, provides solid digital banking solutions through their Affluence Digital Banking Suite, catering to the needs of the digital economy and enabling banks to deliver next generation services.

This product is differentiated to support retail, business and corporate banking. It has been dedicated to promote financial inclusivity by providing banks across the country with solutions that provide digitally enhanced convenience and accessibility for their customers.  

The Affluence Suite strengthens customer experience, agility for innovation led growth, architecture and a robust ecosystem that empowers banks to optimise their time and value to increase brand equity. It also enables them to gather sophisticated data and a more comprehensive overview of their customers’ behaviour patterns, which collectively helps to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Commenting on the company’s journey, Fortunaglobal Founder/CEO Suren Kohombange said: “We are proud to support an exciting era of change within the financial sector and see the impact that our Affluence Suite and other such solutions are having on paving the way for a new era of banking. Affluence facilitates a seamless internet and mobile banking process and enables financial institutions of all sizes to engage with their customers and corporate clients with added efficiency. This has enabled us to really pioneer large scale financial inclusivity, and through our solutions these banks have been able to capture ‘the digitally unbanked’ market and provide Sri Lankans from all walks of life with access to services that enable them to enjoy greater financial freedom, security and improved quality of life. This important change is at the heart and soul of our solutions and we look forward to working with more partners, so that we can continue to harness the power of the latest fintech solutions, to improve people’s lives whilst simultaneously helping businesses to grow and succeed.”