AIA promotes Smart Pensions

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AIA Insurance has launched a Smart Pensions, a comprehensive pensions solution packed with features that help your plan for retirement in a smart manner. 

AIA said in retirement planning, it is always smarter to start saving early. The earlier you start saving, the more time you give yourself to build a healthy retirement fund. AIA Smart Pensions recognises this and rewards timely planning with the unique feature of Loyalty Additions, which can be as much as 1,750% of your annual basic premium. 

If you start early and save longer you will get higher benefits- for example, if you start early and save for 20 years, the Loyalty Addition is 1,225% whereas it is 825% for the savings period of 15 years (for annual mode premiums). 

The other important aspect of retirement planning is how you receive your monthly income after retirement. With AIA Smart Pensions, you can decide on the period for which you’d like to receive a monthly income after retirement and this can be up until you’re 100 years old! So you know you’ll have an income to depend on as you get older. 

Another smart and unique feature of AIA Smart Pensions is that it helps you manage inflationary effects during the pension payout phase. It allows for this by ensuring a growing monthly pension for you in retirement so you can combat the inevitable inflation that takes place. This happens with the ‘Pension Booster’ feature, which pays out an additional 30% on top of the declared dividend on your pension fund, during your chosen monthly pension payout period. 

And of course you want to ensure your family is well looked after if and when you are no longer around. Smart Pensions lets you do just that with a life insurance that will allow them to be financially secure. And should you pass away prematurely, AIA will continue to make premium payments on your behalf so that the family will continue to get the monthly pension just as you had planned for them. 

All this and more is what makes AIA Smart Pensions the smart solution to all your retirement planning needs. Start planning now, so you can continue life as you love it.