The ultimate Oriental Sunday Brunch at the Cinnamon Grand

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Got a dragon’s appetite? The Cinnamon Grand’s Dragon Brunch is the one place you can definitely satiate yourself! Featuring over 50 mouth-watering dishes from the Asian region, this one-of-a-kind oriental brunch brings patrons all the flavours of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines.


The Dragon Brunch is held every Sunday at The Courtyard restaurant from 12 noon to 3 p.m. and guests can choose from the standard Dragon Brunch rate at Rs. 1,690+++ or a special Bubbly Brunch at Rs. 2,500+++.

The Dragon Brunch package includes specials deals on Asian beverages and concessionary rates for kids according to height. Children under four feet in height will be entitled to a 50% discount.

“Since its inception, the Dragon Brunch has presented a vastly different take on the traditional Sunday Brunch,” said Director, F&B, Justin Dingle. “The singular focus on Asian cuisine is an intriguing counterpart to Taprobane’s Sunday Brunch and offers dishes flavoured with spices and condiments better suited to the Sri Lankan palate,” he added.

The menu consists of appetisers, action stations, salads, soups, mains, seafood, meat, chicken, pork and vegetables as well as a range of fabulous Asian desserts. 

Appetisers include an Asian seafood counter with fresh oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs with Thai chilli and lime dressing, wasabi and kikuman sauce, cucumber and ginger dressing, gado gado, cold roasted pepper beef, smoked bean curd with vermicelli, Thai marinated pot roasted chicken, pork and lettuce rolls with dark soy sauce and rice rolls with spicy chicken, vegetable, fish and prawn filling.

Action stations comprise sushi and sashimi with accompaniments, Peking duck station with pancakes, Singaporean style spring roll station with hoisin sauce, sambol olek sauce and chilli soy sauce, dim sum station (seafood and vegetables), steamed dumpling station, Indonesian sate counter (chicken/mutton), Japanese tepanyaki (meat and seafood), Cantonese noodle BBQ and a tempura station.

For the salad fans, the buffet offers 10 salad options ranging from Thai beef salad, wing bean salad, raw papaya salad, cabbage kimchi, shrimp salad with peanut dressing and acar nenas (pineapple salad) to kerabu ayam (chicken salad), spicy vermicelli salad with prawns, teriyaki beef tenderloin with ginger and glass noodles with sesame oil sauce while the soup selection consists of Thai vegetable and green mango soup and penang assam laksa (seafood soup served with fried shallot, spring onion and Chinese celery).

The rice and noodle selection comprises steamed rice, Chinese fried rice, Malaysian nasi goreng (Malaysian fried rice), Thai vegetable noodles, U-dong noodles and Singapore style fried mee hoon.

Seafood specialties include sambol sotong (spicy squid cooked in belchan and dried chilli), Thai style chilli garlic prawns, Singapore crab counter (chilli/pepper), coriander and lime chilli marinated baked fillet of fish wrapped in banana leaf, cuttlefish in hot butter sauce, ikan bumbu acar (Spicy fried sardines) and fish teriyaki.

The meat, chicken and pork range offers everything from beef rendang (Malay spiced coconut beef), sautéed beef with hot pepper sauce, lamb with spring onion, Thai style chicken in red curry, chicken yakitori and ayam cincane (chicken with green tomatoes) to pork based dishes such as Hong Kong style BBQ spare ribs, shredded pork with bean sprouts and asam babi goring (fried tamarind pork balls).

Vegetarians have not been forgotten with popular vegetarian dishes from the region. This includes sayr camput (stir fried seasonal vegetables with ginger and garlic), wok fried broccoli in oyster sauce, sweet chili brinjal, bean curd with packchoi, Chinese cabbage with young corn, pacri nenas (spiced pineapple stew) and ladies finger cooked in sambol!

For the early risers there’s also a breakfast option of two types of juices, miso soup with traditional accompaniments, egg custard and sticky rice.

Finish up with a choice of special Asian desserts: fruit wonton, almond bean curd, agar agar with coconut, sweet coconut rice balls, sago with coconut milk, mango sticky pudding, banana toffee with sesame, caramel manis, rice pudding with candied fruits, sliced fresh fruits platter (watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya), red cherry and strawberry slice with sweet cream, pengat labu (pumpkin with sago in sweet coconut cream), pengat pisang (banana and sago in sweet coconut cream) and coconut ice cream. 

So come sample this all-you-can-eat buffet at Cinnamon Grand’s Dragon Brunch! Call 2497361/62 for reservations.