Solution for underarm sweating

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THE problem of sweating is as old as the hills. All through the ages, right down to the present day, people have looked for a solution to stop sweating, especially in the underarm area. Underarm sweat causes body odour due to the bacteria present, which can lead to unimaginable embarrassment when in public. This in turn could result in a loss of confidence to go out in public and mingle with others.  So sweat must be stopped.

Many have not been successful in controlling underarm sweat. They have tried many and various home remedies, bathed daily- even several times a day and so kept their bodies clean, worn clothing made of natural fibers like cotton, eaten fresh, healthy foods, used talc, cologne, perfume and even walked about with large unwieldy contraptions – dubbed the ‘Walking Fans’- over their heads. But none of these remedies provided a lasting and effective solution for sweat.


Help is now at hand with the advent of Rexona Deo.  Rexona Deo provides the perfect solution for keeping dry and cool while smelling good all day long, because of unique active ingredients that provide 24-hour protection against body odour and underarm wetness.

Rexona give you the confidence to meet and greet friends and loved ones, because it keeps you physically fresh and mentally confident anytime, anywhere.