ReeBonn cosmetics to drive herbal beauty care industry

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ReeBonn Cosmetics has gained popularity amongst Sri Lankans over the past couple of years. Their brand range comprises of herbal face washes, body lotions, fairness cream, shower gels, scrubs, cleansing milk, toner, moisturizing face cream, shampoo, conditioner, silicon conditioner, black henna, hair cream and hair gels. This is an ever expanding range and the company expects to keep introducing new products regularly.

Their entire range of herbal cosmetics is manufactured with high quality herbal extracts sourced from nature and their cosmetic products have been formulated and developed to provide the consumer not just cosmetic benefits but health benefits as well ReeBonn Cosmetics range has introduced, perhaps for the first time, dual benefits of cosmetic and health benefits in each of the cosmetic products. The company believes that after using their cosmetic products, the consumers should not only look good but feel good as well. “These unique formulations make it a truly enriching experience for the consumer, when one uses them” stated Managing Director of ReeBonn Cosmetics S. Shivarajah.

The company has also recently introduced their innovative brand range for babies named “BabyBonn” that includes shampoos, baby bath, soap, oil, cologne, moisturizing lotion, liquid talc and nappy rash lotion.

Shivarajah stressed that belief in natural remedies is already a well-ingrained aspect of Sri Lankan culture, where herbs and plants have long been widely used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. This cultural acceptance makes it easier for manufacturers to make the natural “pitch” to consumers, who largely already appreciate the benefits. Meanwhile, the rising middle class has boosted overall cosmetics and toiletries growth, priming the market for naturals to blossom

Talking of their new factory in Ekala, Shiavrajah said by that their factory was equipped with machines that are automated as well as having the ability to deliver quality parameters for their cosmetic range. ReeBonn Cosmetics also has a strong presence in the international market and exports to countries such as Maldives, Singapore, and India.

Touching on the topic of the future of the herbal cosmetics industry, Shivarajah explained that “Herbal cosmetics are the current rage not only in Asian countries like India, but also countries like US, UK and Australia. The herbal premium cosmetic sector is growing at 15% per annum. There has been a metamorphosis in the cosmetic industry with natural products being more in demand than their synthetic counterparts. With large competitors already entering this segment on a global basis to diversify their existing product lines and meet the new demands of consumers, no doubt the local and regional players will see increasing competition in the coming years.”