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Get ready to kick off October with a night of pure Romanian house with Akcent, Sasha Lopez, Mattyas and Eddy Wata; all live in concert at the CR&FC. The artists sponsored by Sun Fm in association with Skylu Entertainment will get the crowd going on October 1, 6.00 pm onwards giving Sri Lanka the best taste of house.


In 1999, the Romanian dance-pop act Akcent was started by Adrian Claudia Sână along with his female counterpart, Ramona Barta. Akcent’s single ‘Kylie’ rose to the top of several European music charts and even became a moderate hit in the U.S., charting well on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart.

In 2002, their debut album ‘In Culori’ was released in Romania on January 17, which had the hit single ‘Ti-am promis’. In 2008, Adrian Sina produced the new album Fara Lacrimi in his studio Sisterhoodlive Records, and the songs ‘Stay With Me’ ‘Lovers Cry ‘and ‘That’s My Name’ became huge hits in Romania and outside Romania.

The light motif of the album is the Romanian accordion, for which the idea came from the first album akcent where you can find the first song, IN STRADA, incorporating the accordion. In 2009 the band released ‘True Belivers’, the polish version of the album, including ‘Happy People Happy Faces’ and ‘Tears’ feat Roller Sis and in 2010, the band released LOVESTONED and MY PASSION.

SINGLES: Stay With Me (2008); That’s My Name (2009); Love Stoned (2010); My Passion (2010); Feelings on Fire (2011); Ready To Go (2011)

Sasha Lopez

Serge, better known by his stage name Sasha Lopez, was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. He graduates from the Economical Academy, in management field, after finishing music school in his hometown.  

At the young age of 15, he started his DJ career in Star Track Club(Chisinau), and went on to become a resident of City, the most famous Club in the city, where he worked for 8 years.

He launched his first mix on CD – ‘Club City Presents’ in 2005, and that same year, he started production on a new project – Studio One, after meeting DJ Nash. In 2006, the project was given a new voice – Tanya, who he continues to collaborate with even now. Studio One became very successful after receiving a lot of positive feedback in Romania.

Together, Sasha Lopez and Tanya composed the internationally recognised single ‘Everytime’ which became an instant hit in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Poland and Russia. In 2008, the Ministry of Sound also included the single in their compilation. It was followed by a number of collaborations including Tom Boxer (Lose Control), Fly Project (Wonder Girl), Vali Barbulescu (Send Your Love) and the most recently with Edward Maya (Out of Love).

SINGLES: All My People (2010); Dina Gabri-Naughty Boy(club mix); Leya-Everybody

He has also released many songs featuring artists such as; Anda Adam in Madam; Ivana in Mee loves You and Everytime and Blinders & Evan in Feelings.


Born on the 14th of May, Mattyas grew up to study piano and trumpet at the Music School, and attended vocal lessons after he graduated. He then went on to form his own pop band, with him as the lead singer, which became very successful in his country. He opened the Vaya con dios concert, in 2006, and the live performance was released on CD by EMI international.

Mattyas was also featured in an album that was released by EMI International, which included many international artists such as Ricky Martin, JMP, Pachanga, to name a few.

With the help of his manager, he changed the sound and style of his songs in late 2009 and the following year he released ‘Secret Love’ with Deepside Deejays as the producers and advisors, which became very successful in Europe and many more countries worldwide. His second single titled ‘Missing You’ was released at the end of 2010, and made it onto the charts in many countries, even entering radios in USA and many Latin countries. On the 2nd of June 2011, Mattyas’ third single, ‘Mi Amor’ was released and was considered to be the ultimate summer hit.

As well as being an international hit, Mattyas is also an active supporter of WWF, PETA and ‘Bring them Back’ associations.

SINGLES: Secret Love (2010); Missing You (2010); Mi Amor (2011)

Eddy Wata

Eddy Wata was born in 1976 to a Nigerian mother and Jamaican father, and at a very young age, he began to play with a battery-operated keyboard. At the age of 18, Jamaica was home for four years, and was where he met artists that contributed to his love of reggae. He formed a band after returning to Nigeria, and made a trip to Europe in 2001, after following many television appearances. In Netherlands, he met his manager Lino Longoni and in 2003, he signed a contract with Italian producer, Diego Milesi. They started on a very good note, their producing a couple of major hits, ‘La Bomba’ and ‘Jam’,  in France, Japan and several other countries proving his potential to the world.

 Since then, he has released another four singles which received excellent feedback in several countries, including Canada, Australia, Singapore, Brazil and many more countries. In 2010 alone, he performed in more than 100 gigs. He released his new single ‘I wanna dance’, following ‘I love my people’, ‘My dream’, ‘The light’ and ‘I like the way’ which have been top hits in no less than 15 countries.

SINGLES: I Love My People (2008); I Like The Way (2010); I Wanna Dance (2010)