LG promotes Inverter V air conditioner for healthy comfort and greater energy saving

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You can forget about your high electricity bills when you replace your old air conditioner with a new LG Inverter V air conditioner. The revolutionary Inverter technology of LG boasts a powerful yet silent performance of the air conditioner while minimising energy consumption by as much as 60%. Effectively, you save so much on your electricity bill that you will recover the cost of the air conditioner in no time. High and fluctuating hertz requires more energy consumption, whilst less and stable hertz consumes less energy. LG’s innovative inverter technology has developed the compressor to run at low speeds while at the same time cooling efficiently to provide the necessary room temperature for maximum comfort and resulting in huge savings in energy consumption. The LG Inverter V air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. Its compressor has a greater efficiency compared with the normal AC Inverter compressor. It has an oil-separator system which minimises oil circulation and maximises motor efficiency to minimise compression loss and thus increase cooling functions. The BLDC fan motor which is adapted to LG Inverter V makes quiet cooling possible compared to conventional AC/DC motors. In addition precise speed control provides 13 different steps for smoother operation. The LG Inverter V air conditioners are equipped with innovative germ fighting filters that eliminate microscopic germs and bacteria.  The new arrivals are in-built with LG’s latest technology “PLASMASTER” which applies the plasma technology to real life and enables advanced skin care functions as well as greatly enhanced air purification. Through successful implementation of this technology, LG offers a range of innovative functions in its new Inverter V air conditioner. Over 2 million polarised icons from the advanced Plasmaster ioniser protect users from various types of germs, bacteria and viruses. It also protects the user from odour and harmful substances floating in the air. The new arrivals of LG Inverter V air conditioners are also equipped with a 3M Micro Protection Filter which produces high air flow with low noise and collects harmful microscopic substances including pollen and fine dust, which cause respiratory diseases, by strong electrostatic power on the surface of the filter. The dual protection filter and 3M Micro Protection Filter thoroughly capture both visible and invisible dust and other harmful substances to provide clean, fresh air. Rush to your nearest Abans showroom to view the latest range of LG Inverter V air conditioners to purchase a state-of-the-art energy saving inverter air conditioner at very affordable prices which will pay for itself in the long run.