Lanka Hospitals opens state-of-the-art Heart Centre

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Features Allura Xper FD10 flat panel cath lab – the first of its kind in Sri Lanka

In keeping with its vision of being the foremost and preferred private hospital in the country, serving the nation and its people to build a healthier community, Lanka Hospitals has become the first hospital in Sri Lanka whose newly launched state-of-the-art Heart Centre is equipped with the Allura Xper FD10 flat panel cath lab – the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

It provides excellent image quality at the lowest possible drug dose, instant access to multi-modality information, easy to use advanced image-processing tools, a stent boosting luminogram, faster speeds and the latest in medical 3D imaging software. The Allura Xper FD10 is designed by Philips, the leading supplier of cath labs globally.

Lanka Hospitals has opened the dedicated heart centre with the objective of catering to both adults and children – featuring the latest equipment and technology combined with a specialist team of Sri Lankan as well as international cardiac care team including cardio-thoracic surgeons, paediatric surgeons, adult and paediatric cardiologists, an in-house cardiac anaesthesiologist, a highly trained clinical perfusionist, a well trained and professional cardiac nursing team – all who ensure the best possible clinical outcome for the patient.

“We are indeed proud to have the first of its kind cath lab in Sri Lanka here at Lanka Hospitals. This milestone, whilst being a vast achievement, further emphasises our passion for providing patients with quality health care that cannot be surpassed,”said Lakith Peiris, CEO of Lanka Hospitals.

Furthermore, the centre also possesses a dedicated cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) specifically for heart patients, equipped with specially trained cardiac nurses and high tech equipment. As a result, all patients will be centrally monitored with an advanced telemetry cardiac monitoring system and receive more focused cardiac care.

The centre also has a dedicated cardiac surgical operating theatre, a fully-equipped cath lab and a blood bank whilst it also offers emergency angiograms and coronary angioplasty.

Lanka Hospitals have resolved to push the boundaries to enhance its valued customer’s future with the hospital, inspired by the medical knowledge that by doing so not only will the hospital garner recognition for itself as a model for corporate success but also place Lanka Hospitals as the pinnacle of healthcare in Sri Lanka – establishing the Lanka Hospitals as the benchmark for Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry as well the region.

“We are blessed with committed and dedicated employees whose hard work has been the key to all our achievements and successes. Our focused direction together with our precious people will certainly place us amongst the best in the region. We are committed to break many more barriers and achieve much more in the health care sector of Sri Lanka in the years to come,” concluded Peiris.