Japanese delicacies at The Sushi Bar

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Japanese cuisine is a gastronomical delight to all foodies, both to the eyes and palate. The cuisine offers a great variety of regional specialties from rice dishes, seafood dishes, noodle dishes, soybean dishes and many more; all of which you can find at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo’s The Sushi Bar. Tucked away in a cozy corner of the hotel’s Lounge, The Sushi Bar is one of the premier spots in Colombo to turn out premium quality Japanese cuisine. For those curious about sushi and sashimi preparation, diners can observe the highly skilled technique involved over the bar, often giving them an added appreciation for the food. Raw fish and rice, the primary ingredients in Japanese cuisine, are naturally low in fat and high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, making sushi a popular choice amongst the health conscious.  Fats found in seafood are predominately unsaturated and thus contain relatively high levels of Omega-3.  Since sushi is often served raw, no cooking fat is introduced during its preparation.  The result – an ideal dish for someone who wants to enjoy a quick, healthy and appetising meal. Apart from the appetising platters of fresh sushi and sashimi, a variety of hot dishes from crispy tempura, yakitori, chicken teriyaki, donburi (bowls of steamed rice topped with either meat or vegetables) and traditional miso soup to noodles are also available on the menu. Perched on a barstool at the Sushi Bar, guests can enjoy their food while gazing out at the shimmering blue water of the hotel’s swimming pool and the Beira Lake beyond. And if they’d rather sit at another restaurant, that’s fine too. At Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo you can order your food to any location you wish to be seated at. Whether consumed as a snack or a meal, a visit to the Sushi Bar will do as much good for one’s body as it does one’s taste buds. The Sushi Bar is open from 12 noon until 10 p.m. daily; for inquiries or reservations call 0112491956.