Jackson-Janitha team up for “No Address!” to create empathy among people

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To create empathy amongst the populace, a new Sinhala film titled “No address!” was launched to the media this week. Famous and talented Jackson Anthony is credit for the story, dialogue, script and direction whilst the move is produced by Janitha Maarasinghe. The main character Nasiwatte Hitler is played by Jackson Anthony himself whilst other characters include Hingakana Chaplin - Mahendra Perera, Sathgunawath Pinsara - Kamal Addaraarachchi, Mudukkuwe Sandya - Sabeetha Perera, Embilipitiye Karaa - Roshan Ravindra, Gubbayame Goering - Dharshan Dharmaraj, Subha - Sheshadrie Priyasad, Kapila - Akila Dhanuddhara, Janaki - Madhavee Wathsala, Kalinga - Hemal Ranasinghe, and Nathalia - Aruni Rajapakse. Hitler of Nasiwatta (Nasiwatte Hitler) is a thug of the underworld. At the time of his imprisonment, his appearance resembled Adolf Hitler. However, he intended to be a “different man” when he is released from prison. But despite his intentions, he had to come back to the same old Nasiwatta. Pinsara Mudalali appears to be a charitable and pious person. However, no one knows that he is the invisible force who secretly controls Hitler. Chaplin is a differently-abled beggar who is mute. He makes a living out of performing as Charlie Chaplin on the street to educate his daughter. However, on the day when he has to take on the role of Adolf Hitler the narrative will end. Subha is Chaplin’s daughter and studies in Law College. However, she doesn’t know that her father is a beggar. Kapila is a law student who is in love with Subha. However, Subha doesn’t know that Kapila is the son of Pinsara Mudalali. Sandya is a prostitute in Nasiwatta. However, no one but Chaplin knows that Subha is Sandya’s daughter. Goering is Hitler’s sidekick. A snake, but his venomous fangs have been removed. Embilipitiye Karaa is the newest thug to arrive at Nasiwatta. He detests older gangsters in the area. A criminal by profession, he has licentious habits. Godding, Sirimal, Sundera, Gangiya and Sena Malliya are innocent but illiterate street children. They are the future successors of the underworld. Every innocent person, thug, lover, student and dealer gets involved in one story. A charitable and religious person is the invisible hand that manoeuvres all these innocent people like evil puppets. With the revelation that Sathgunawath Pinasara is Subha’s father and not Chaplin, the narrative ignites. Kings have addresses, while beggars have No Address!