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Fadna Green Tea with the goodness of Gotukola now available in Sri Lanka

Using the natural herbal goodness of Gotukola (Centella asiatica), “Fadna Green Tea”, has been launched by Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd, an innovator in the Sri Lankan tea market.

Now a world famous brew, green tea was first consumed in China, Japan and other Asian countries for its many health benefits. Tests done by health experts the world over reveal that green tea has high antioxidant levels which prevent wrinkling of skin, lessens the risk of cancer and reduces cholesterol levels. It has therefore become an accepted fact worldwide that drinking green tea can have long term health benefits.

Scientifically known to strengthen and help brain development, Gotukola is an extremely nutritious plant. Eastern medicine methods have proven that Gotukola can reduce blemishes and make skin fair, prevent catarrh and constipation and also develop and strengthen prowess.

Daily consumption of “Fadna Green Tea” that has been manufactured by combining the natural goodness of Gotukola and the scientifically accepted benefits of green tea will bring about a refreshing feeling to the body. Drinking “Fadna Green Tea” throughout the busy work day, consumers would be able to feel its health benefits. The improved Fadna Green Tea with added value is ideal as a refreshing drink anytime of the day.

 “Fadna Green Tea” is available at all Keells and Arpico supermarkets and pharmacies island wide.

Under the brand name “Fadna”, Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd is presently marketing many varieties of natural herbal teas, both locally and internationally. Seeking to reintroduce the goodness of natural herbal drink into today’s society, the company launched “Fadna Diabe Tea” drink, which has scientifically proved and succeeded in reducing blood sugar levels and has become a favourite in Sri Lanka.

“Fadna Shape up Tea”, to help burn body fat and provide the necessary nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, is another product of the Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd. The company has also introduced a variety of traditional herbal teas in an easy to use consumer tea bag form such as “Belimal, “Ranawara” and “Iramusu”. All the products by Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd have also been certified by the department of Ayurvedha. All “Fadna” products are produced in a factory which has been ISO and HACCP certified. The products have also received the GMP certification from the Sri Lanka Standards Institute and Halaal certification.