Experience authentic Indian coastal flavours at Navaratna

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The cuisine in the coastal regions of India is distinct because of the sharp spices, intense aroma and the rich curries. Navaratna presents an authentic menu that captures the flavours of these regions – from Kerala to Mangalore to Goa.

Coastal cuisine uses coconut liberally in various forms such as grated, dry grated, fried, coconut paste and coconut milk. Many masalas have dried red chilies and other spices like coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, ginger, garlic, etc. Some dishes also use kokum, dried kokam, tamarind, and raw mango.

The idea of ‘coastal cuisine’ brings to mind images of seared fish, prawn curries and lobsters on a platter. But the strong vegetarian tradition in India has ensured that vegetables — and even fruits — is incorporated into the cuisines that develop along India’s coast. But of course, fish dishes dominate coastal cuisine. The fiery seafood curries may be a bit too spicy for some people, but are absolutely delicious.

Enjoy the flavours of the Mangalorean prawn curry (from the Western coast of India, the delicate flavours of coconut are a perfect complement to the taste of the prawns), succulent lamb vindaloo (spicy hot dish from Goa, made with coconut vinegar and lots of hot red chili peppers), ulli kathrikai theeyal (eggplant and shallots in creamy coconut gravy) and many more delicious coastal curries when you dine at the Navaratna until 30 September.