Emerald shirts focus on hypo-allergenic fabrics

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Emerald shirts are sought after by discerning gentlemen for daily office wear and as an important element of their formal attire. One of the main reasons for this is the high quality cotton fabric used in the manufacture of Emerald shirts which is ideally suited to the tropical climate of Sri Lanka, as any wearer of this celebrated brand will testify. In addition Emerald shirts are manufactured incorporating the essential requirements of comfort, style and fit, thus bringing into the market a product that fulfils all aspects in terms of value for money. A little known fact is that superior quality cotton fabric against one’s skin not only feels good, it actually plays a vital part in helping the wearer maintain his health. When constantly in contact with the wearer’s skin, the fabric itself could cause allergies and skin rashes if it is of poor quality. Furthermore, long term exposure to inferior quality dyes used by some shirt manufacturers could also lead to skin problems. This should make most men think twice before buying their next shirt. But not so for wearers of Emerald shirts; recognised wherever they go. Emerald shirts are made of high quality cotton fabrics sourced from Japan and other countries. The texture is therefore soft and very smooth, making daily wear the more enjoyable. Men are often bothered by other problems that arise when caring for their shirts, such as the colour fading and discolouration, especially in the underarm area. These problems are the direct result of the low quality dyes used, since they react with sunlight and the wearer’s perspiration, resulting in faded and discoloured patches appearing on the shirts. Such shirts have to be discarded within a very short space of time. Emerald shirts, on the other hand, are considered a wise investment rather than a simple purchase thanks to their high quality and durability. In today’s highly-charged corporate world where game-changing deals happen in rapid succession, a gentleman’s image is determined by his cleanliness and overall appeal, not just by his clothes and possessions. A perfume may temporarily camouflage body odour, but nothing can hide unsightly patches or frayed cuffs on one’s shirt, letting everyone in on the sad fact that the shirt worn by the wearer is of cheap quality. However, consumers of today are discerning, able to distinguish between the best and the rest. This is where the true gentleman stands out, with his perfectly fitted, immaculately stitched, high quality Emerald shirts which are available island wide at finer clothing retail outlets.