Discovering the medicinal powers of green tea

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Green tea is very popular in countries like China and Japan in the Asiatic region. It has a special medicinal value due to the oxidation quality that can cure cancer, reduce cholesterol level and preventing wrinkles from forming on the skin. A recent clinical study conducted has shown that green tea has great medicinal power.

Moreover, green tea has now been fortified with ‘gotukola’ by adding its herbal juice. ‘Fadna Green Tea’ is the latest product in the market, which has made a revolution in the health field among green tea users, revitalizing them both physically and mentally.  

‘Fadna Green Tea’ will thwart fatigue and make those who drink it fit while encouraging them to work.

The day-to-day schedule in people’s busy lifestyle makes them tired and they feel lethargic due to fatigue. ‘Fadna Green Tea’ will make one fresh and mentally vigilant during any time of the day.

‘Gotukola’ leaves are considered to be a very effective stimulant that enhances one’s power of memory and intelligence.

This has been proved scientifically as well as traditionally. ‘Gotukola’ leaves will give the functions of our brain a smooth run.

These herbs will give skin a radiant look and will also prevent pimples, catarrh, constipation, sexual debility, and give one energy, according to Ayurvedic research carried out many years ago.

Users will be able to personally experience the efficacy of ‘Fadna Green Tea’ mixed with ‘Gotukola’ herbs by drinking it very often.

When buying ‘Fadna Green Tea,’ please be careful enough to insist on the same name and double check since there are various imitative products in the market.  ‘Fadna Green Tea’ can be purchased at any leading pharmacy or at any Keells and Arpico supermarkets. For further details contact 0115666616 or visit