Colombo Music Festival

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A gathering of Sri Lankan musicians and guests will be held from 24-26 August 2012, organized by Mantra Moods, Waters Edge and M Entertainment in association with the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau. The event is supported by their partners, Headlines PR, Digital Interactive, 230interactive and creative partners Response Marketing (Pvt) Ltd with others expected to join.

“The adverse news coming out of Sri Lanka must be laid to rest. We have so much to offer; as one of the most ancient civilizations known to mankind, culture, art, music, song and dance, that has received world acclaim; therefore, it is time to showcase some of this on one common platform in our own country through a festival of music”, said Chairperson Mantra Moods, Haadia Galely, on behalf of the organizers of the Colombo Music Festival.

“It is our aim to promote “Music the Magic of South Asia” at Senses and Soul, and exert a positive and healing influence across all communities, whether they are resident in Sri Lanka or overseas”. Galely went on to say that an invitation was being extended to each and every expatriate Sri Lankan musician as well to participate in this unique event.

The organizing committee which comprises members of the music and entertainment fraternity, the business community, leisure industry, as well as the media, is determined to make this event a resounding success, whilst making it a biennial feature.

“The benefits of this festival are numerous and far reaching; apart from providing a platform to showcase music, it will serve to further enhance the country’s image as a quality tourist destination, whilst totally dispensing it’s former image as a country torn by war and ethnic conflict.”, said Galely.

The festival will present a montage of music, comprising world (fusion), oriental, folk, choral, pop, jazz, western as well as eastern classical music. Apart from the performances by the host of artistes who will be present for the festival; workshops, discussions, performances for aspiring artistes is on the cards.

It will also include the initiation of the “Senses and Soul Federation of the Performing Arts.” A regional food festival featuring the best of local cuisine will be held around the city, also selling local handicrafts and other produce related to the festival will all be part and parcel of “Senses and Soul.”

“We intend to educate through music and provide not just entertainment but knowledge as well as a window of opportunity for our aspiring young musicians and professionals. We have a wealth of talent out there and this is the perfect venue for them to unleash their potential.”

The funds generated from the Colombo Music Festival will be disbursed amongst selected charities, and towards the development of talented artistes, while the festival itself will be governed by a set of laws which will be in the interests of musicians, as well as what they produce and perform.

“We hope that all Sri Lankan musicians, regardless of where they now reside, regardless of age, ethnicity or religion will perform together in a bid to show the world what Sri Lanka has to offer.”

The official website of the festival will be launched shortly and it is the fervent wish of the organizers that all Sri Lankans will be united through the universal language of music.

Further details can be obtained through the festival secretariat commencing Monday, 4 July 2011.

For Sri Lanka +94777369400 between 10 am to 5 pm daily, for Sri Lanka +94722455621 (Shanali) between 10 am to 6 pm daily.