Celebrate birthdays in grand style in the ‘Month of Pearls’ with Suki Pearls

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It is celebration time for everyone born in the month of June with pearls and diamonds. Diamond Dreams announced the introduction of its new collection of internationally famous brand Suki Pearls, an elegantly crafted and ornately beautiful collection of natural pearl jewellery with diamonds for their customers, especially for those who are born in the month of June. This collection includes traditional white, shades of natural pink and black pearls set with diamonds, in the form of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and matching rings. “The natural pearl is the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of June, therefore we are extremely pleased to announce the introduction of the brand new collection of the famous international brand like Suki Pearls during this June,” explained Amal Chandrawansa, Director – Diamond Dreams. Natural pearl remains one of the most attractive gemstones because of its softness and the colour pleases the eyes. Women usually favour pearls because they depict their elegance and helps in boosting their image. Pearls go with sophisticated outfits and pendants of pearls that hang from a chain can be worn with daily attire. They are elegant and comfortable to wear and also very pleasing to the eye. One can be totally impressed by them on seeing their beauty and smoothness. Its touch on the skin makes it more favoured by women. The pearl belongs to the moon which is a zodiac sign of Cancer. Hence, we can say that pearls are the birthstones of cancer birth sign. Pearls come in various colours, traditional white being the basic. According to astrology, pearl gemstones influence the mind a lot and are worn by those who receive a lot of blows in life. Pearls mollify mental inconsistency and strengthen the heart. These gems provide royal kindness, blessing from the parents, family pleasure and wealth. These help in increasing the imagination power increasing intelligence and learning capacity. It has its best effect when gifted by a mother to her child. Pearl brings many cures to a person and brings lustre and brightness to the face. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls promote marital bliss and that a pearl necklace can prevent newly-wed brides from crying. Suki Pearls epitomise elegance, class and finesse, often associated with pearl jewellery and offers more reasons for it being a favourite aqua-based birthstone by women in general. As a traditional birthstone for the month of June, it symbolises faithfulness, friendship, purity and modesty, which dates back to at least the first century. Since modern times, the pearl has become a treasured birthstone and its lustre has made it the darling of many jewellers and fashion icons. Diamond Dreams invites all those born in June to visit their showroom in this June to preview this beautiful collection of Suki Pearls with natural pearls and diamonds and make use of the fabulous savings on offer.