Calling chocoholics

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By Uditha Jayasinghe

If your taste buds are demanding something sweet and different then Choco Luv is the place you should head to. The latest cafe to join the endless quest to quench thirst and provide a place of relaxation it gives a new twist to an old favourite.

The main product at Choco Luv is “designer branded milkshakes”  with popular brands of chocolate  like ‘Ferrerro Rocher,’ ‘Nuttella’, Kinder Bueno and many more including value added flavours such as pistachio , hazelnut, almond and mint flavours thereby making chocolate shakes all the more delicious.

Despite its recent appearance plans are already underway to add to the menu with Snickers, Mars and Twix all being considered. “It is all demand based and we will supply what our customers request,” said Choco Luv Director Ishfa Nawaal emphasising that the café was for all people who cannot get enough of Chocolate.

A place for everyone

Choco Luv is the cafe component of Cartoon Kids, an establishment that caters exclusively to kids but the new booth is trying to change this image slightly. “We want to make it open to young people too. It is a good location to come after a long day at work or just hang out with friends. Of course if families come then the parents have a chance to enjoy themselves while the children are occupied in the play area,” Nawaal noted gesturing at the mini-playground that borders the cafe.

Pricing has been kept at a relative low as well to appeal to everyone with milkshakes ranging between Rs.180 – Rs.250, a reasonable price indeed. “We wanted to ensure that everyone is welcome and not have the impression that because we use chocolates like Ferrerro Rocher that it is therefore expensive.”     

The key ingredients of the milkshakes are obviously chocolates and ice cream- a delicious combination which complements each other so well that it wouldn’t be the same without either one of them.


“The unanimous decision of our team of tasters was that ice cream was the better option than fresh milk. Ice cream is a very important ingredient in our product, depending on the chocolates used or even other shakes Oreo biscuits and tic tac, the flavours of ice cream used may vary accordingly. Choco Luv is the outcome of a great combination of our very own locally produced- halaal certified Cargils Magic ice cream made from the goodness of fresh milk and the internationally recognized brand Ferrerro. Without which this dream could not have been achieved and this café would not have materialized if not for the encouragement and support that we have received from these two key brands.”

“Select your own choice of chocolate shake and watch while our team creates magic right there in front of you.” The booth at the corner of the café has chocolates on display for you to pick from.  

 Moreover a quick bite is available in the form of homemade chocolate candies. A range of fillings and shapes to chose from.  A perfect gift to someone special.  Special customized bulk orders will also be undertaken for any occasion, Nawaal concluded.

Pix by Pradeep Dilrukshana

Take your pick

Ferrerro Fantasy

Crisp hazelnut and milk chocolate blended together with vanilla ice cream to make a delicious milkshake that all you Ferrerro fans out there are definitely going to enjoy.

Nutty Nuttella

 The original hazelnut spread is now a milkshake, with the unmistakable flavour of hazelnut cream made all the nuttier with a sprinkle of nuts. A definite hit.

Oreo Delight

A delightful combination of oreo biscuits and ice cream, you don’t need to eat biscuits when you are hungry, simply gulp down an oreo milkshake instead

Kinder Moments

Hazelnut cream filled wafer with a chocolate covering combined with ice cream to bring out a crunchy milkshake that you can munch while you drink.

Moonlight Delight

Mint choco chip ice cream blended together with tic tac drops to make it all the more mintier.  A sure love at first sip.

Chocolate Magic Milkshake

Chocolate ice cream shake with chocolate sauce and a choco wafer to go with it.

Magic Vanilla Milkshake

The simple yet enjoyable milkshake 100% ice cream with your choice of extra toppings chocolate sauce/strawberry sauce/wafer stick/ extra nuts

Strawberry Milkshake

 An all time favourite, still highly in demand by young and old with a topping of your choice