Brandix Associate in remarkable literary journey

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In the space of just 10 years, Brandix Associate Renuka Bandaragoda has progressed from being a Machine Operator at Brandix to Communications Coordinator and Editor of the highest privately-circulated newspaper in the country and author of three books, exemplifying the tenet that given the conducive environment, human potential is limitless.

The 40-year-old mother of a two-year-old son, who joined Brandix Intimate Apparel in Welisara in 2000, recently launched her third book ‘Geyak Ethule Thawath Geyak’, a collection of children’s poetry, at a ceremony at her own workplace, in the presence of the company’s senior management, relatives and special invitees.

She is also the author of two other books, ‘Nothith Asha,’ and ‘Nethumini,’ both of them novels written while she was employed at Brandix.  

The cover of the new book and the graphics too were designed by another Brandix Associate, Neil Kumara Dehipitiyage, who is employed as a mechanic. He is also the cartoonist of ‘Viyaman,’ the Brandix Group’s internal newspaper, as well as a writer.  

Two other associates of the Group are in the process of writing books that are to be published by Brandix through ‘Viyaman’ Publications.

Brandix Intimate Apparel CEO Shrihan Perera said: “Brandix takes great effort to identify the multiple talents in employees and wherever possible to provide opportunities to develop them. Bandaragoda is an example of this practice.”

He said that Brandix appreciates the confidence and courage that enabled her to progress from a Machine Operator to a key member of the Group’s Human Resources Development team.

Tokens of appreciation from the Chief Executive Officer of the Brandix Group Ashroff Omar and from her employer, Brandix Intimate Apparel were also awarded to Bandaragoda at the ceremony.

Bandaragoda said the publishing of this book would have been difficult without the sponsorship of Brandix and thanked the Group for its continued support.

“I do not agree with the negative attitude that most of the people have about the garment industry in general as I have received good support from my employer, Brandix, to build my life,” she said.

“My second book was launched with the monies that were gifted to me by Ashroff Omar at the launch of my first book. Brandix provides healthcare facilities, bonuses and a good working environment to the employees and always helps to improve their talents.”

Bandaragoda commenced her career at Brandix Intimate Apparel in Welisara as a Machine Operator and within a short period of time was adjudged the Best Machine Operator in the company. Thereafter she was offered the position of Internal Communication Co-Coordinator, and became the Chief Editor of the ‘Viyaman,’ a quarterly publication that has a readership of more than 100,000.

Bandaragoda is currently writing her fourth book, which will also be published with the support of Brandix.

Besides the support Brandix extends to develop individual talents, the Group’s principal community initiative theme ‘Care for Water: Care for Women,’ a long term commitment to the provision of safe drinking water to those most in need, significantly contributes to easing the burden on women who constitute the majority of its employees.