Management and Science Institute: Redefining ultimate choice in 21st century higher education

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Manag ement and Science Institute (MSI) Colombo is the ultimate choice for those visualising academic excellence in their career path through higher education through its cutting edge in quality education with scope for students to pursue a vast spectrum of diploma programs of their choice, cost effectively, using modern methodology, infra-structure facilities and a prestigious panel of lectures. MSI is geared towards academic excellence and reputed internationally, well positioned as a leading institute providing industry relevant qualifications through diploma programs that eventually lead to bachelor (Hons.) degrees, postgraduate courses and research disciplines. Management and Science Institute (MSI) is affiliated to Management and Science University (MSU), while the former offers a wide spectrum of diploma programs the latter continues the Degree and Master programs for academics to become professionals in their chosen field. MSU Colombo is recognised by more than 40 universities worldwide including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and India.

MSI leads the way to specialise and professional education with a holistic approach to the expectation of the industry meeting global and ethical standards. The following diploma programs are on offer for students with GCE London/Edexcel O/L or A/L. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management – students will major in hospitality, tourism and management and develop competencies to handle the industry through ‘hands on’ experience and industrial exposure procuring internships in established hotels. Di p l oma in Eve n t Management – This is a program that leverages on a unique opportunity in events and management. The practical experience offers students’ knowledge and understanding in event management subjects, exposure to state of the art technologies using economics, management and marketing to develop competencies in handling complex strategic issues in business. Diploma in Biomedical Science – A career pathway in the Biomedical,

Medical or Health related science is ensured. This program has a strong emphasis on research which is a great advantage for students to broaden their horizons in the medical field. The curriculum envisages knowledge, attitude and skill components to meet modern day challenges in the world. Diploma in Accountancy – This is an undergraduate academic program offering a unique opportunity in the combined disciplines of law, finance and management. Students will be exposed to state of the art technologies used in economics, management, marketing, finance and insurance. Diploma in Business Management – The course develops knowledge, skills and professional practices to undertake a range of roles in the business, accounting, marketing, human capital management, banking and other financial sectors. Students who successfully complete the diploma will progress to the bachelor’s degree that can be completed in MSU Colombo, Malaysia or at any other partner universities worldwide.

The ‘student and career development’ provides counselling and assistance on general welfare of students, housing and alumni networking. MSI is on a mission to mould diploma holders of high moral values and distinction: Committed to life-long learning, leadership, integrity and professionalism, in response to the national and global needs; to advance its boundaries of scholarship by providing affordable educational opportunities, training and services, beyond that measure of expectations; To produce highly employable diploma holders by maintaining impeccable standards and quality in the curriculum worthy of recognition, accreditation, certification and industry relevant to uphold a culture of academic excellence and committed to a high rate of student success. For further information on programs offered by MSI, kindly visit Management and Science Institute (MSI) at No.300 Galle Road, Colombo 03, Tel: 011 257 6900/011 257 6700, Hotline 077 0777 880 or email [email protected] or www.