JLanka commemorates World Environment Day 2019 with plant distribution

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JLanka presents environmental concerns during their celebrations

Distribution of plants by Head of Operations at JLanka Technologies

Sri Lanka’s solar power sector innovative solutions provider JLanka Technologies had organised an event to hype up World Environment Day of 2019. The company’s dedication towards the well-being of our environment was highlighted in the efforts made to bring the essence of this day to both their clients and employees. 

They handed off the green to their workforce on 5 June during the plant distribution event at the World Environment Day celebrations at JLanka Technologies. The celebrations focused on a wide array of environment-related concerns with a touch of the immense contributions of solar power to uphold the cause. The theme was in line with that of the global World Environment Day celebrations this year.   

Their clients too were encouraged to carry out a noble act to cherish the spirits of the day by holding a photography competition via the company’s official Facebook fan page. The best photo of a tree planted commemorating World Environment Day 2019, was to be awarded a special discount on a solar power system purchased from the company. 

The United Nations is well aware that the protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of people and economic development throughout the world. They’ve designated 5 June as World Environmental Day to provide a chance to take responsibility for the conduct of individuals, enterprises and communities to direct themselves to preserve and enhance the environment. Since 1974, it has grown into a global platform for public outreach. UN Environment Program (UNEP, or UN Environment) organises events for World Environment Day, shedding light on all aspects of our environment. In 2019, China will host the global World Environment Day celebrations with ‘Air Pollution’ as the theme. 

World Environment Day is the ideal exposure for environmental savvy decisions. This year’s theme urges all to strongly adjust our lives to reduce the intoxication due to air pollution of our home Earth. Approximately seven million people die prematurely each year from air pollution, while four million of these occur in Asia-Pacific. World Environment Day 2019 will urge governments, communities, industries and individuals to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and improve air quality in cities across the world. 

International studies on forest effects on air quality and human health, have discovered that certain toxic substances, are retained on tree surfaces, while leaves act as filters, absorbing polluting gases. However, the deposition of air pollutants on leaves hinders photosynthesis. In hot climates, tree cover can reduce energy expenditure on air conditioning, in turn driving down the consumption of fossil fuel. Investigations and modelling studies have shown that shade from trees can reduce the air conditioning expenses of detached houses by 20%-30%. Trees could reduce temperatures in cities up to 8°C, lowering use of air conditioning and related emissions by up to 40% according to Simone Borelli, an Agroforestry and Urban/Periurban Forestry Officer with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

JLanka Technologies had been influential in setting a trend in the domestic solar technology market showcasing how to ‘Redefine Renewable Energy’ in Sri Lanka. The tree planting creates a sense of responsibility in the society about safeguarding the atmosphere and environment and adjusting ourselves to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The success of their efforts have been revealed via statistics such as having planted over a 54,000 trees within a year. 

JLanka Technologies was founded in 2011 in Sri Lanka, introducing solar systems with net metering, and specialises in the installation of the latest solar photovoltaic electricity systems that are both easy to maintain and help to reduce energy bills. JLanka International (JLI) was founded as the international arm based out of the Kingdom of Bahrain covering the GCC/ME markets and focuses on four main areas of the sector including Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Consulting, Training, Research and Development and Product Development.


Preparations for the plant distribution event at JLanka Technologies