Introducing the WALK Home for your household waste

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  • WALK Home Waste Plan makes it easier to Reduce, Recycle and Return

Over 60% of national waste is generated in the Western Province. Of that waste, 60% is organic i.e. food waste, that can naturally decompose. Mixed with other waste, this organic waste generates methane and other noxious gases that pollute the air, and toxins that seep into our water systems. 

WALK Home is the first Network Partnership spearheaded by WALK.  By connecting four WALK network members, WALK curates a holistic service that passes the benefits direct to the customer, who in turn directly impacts national waste management in a positive way. WALK Home is in collaboration with Ananta Sustainables, Bio Bins, Eco Friends and Earth Guardians Sri Lanka. 

WALK Home is user friendly 

Step 1: Ananta Sustainables’ registers customer and processes payment online.

Step 2: Bio Bins provides sustainable concrete compost bin, including delivery, installation and tutorial on how to compost. 

Step 3: Eco Friends will collect your separated Paper, Plastic, Glass and Metal via a mobile app. WALK provides first three months subscription free, charges of Rs. 200 per month follow. Recyclable materials collected at no further cost up to four times per month. 

Step 4: Earth Guardians Sri Lanka’s ‘The Tree Project’ plants indigenous sapling trees for each WALK Home purchase. Paying it forward, in all that it does, WALK forwards 15% of sales revenue direct toward tree-planting so the customer has an immediate return on investment, not just at home, but on a larger scale. 

The WALK Home Waste Plan is priced at Rs. 14,000.

*This product is not for apartments.