Wycherley conducts art awards ceremony 2014 for Montessori kids

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The Art Gallery was a hive of activity recently, when the parents brought in the kids who had participated in the art competition organised for Montessori children for their awards ceremony at 10 a.m. The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines art as “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of experiences that can be shared with others”. Art has existed for as long as humanity from pre-historic times. In Latin, art translated means ‘skill’ or ‘craft’. Even today, art is an essential pre-requisite in the development of a child’s mind. That is probably the best reason why Wycherley insists on enhancing aesthetic values in the minds of the students, from the time they are little ones. In keeping with this, the art awards was the culmination of the art competition run by Wycherley for the fifth successive year. The paintings were all framed, labelled and named and were arranged for viewing. All those who trooped in went on a round to see what their kids had done and they really would have been proud of the achievements of their offspring. The awards ceremony kicked off to a start precisely at 10 a.m. graced by Principal of Wycherley International School Kingsley Jayasinghe. He, being an educationist, enjoys the performances of children. There were 27 consolation awards apart from three winners. The First Prize was carried away by Dillon de Croos of St. Bridget’s Montessori, the Second Prize by Sheyona Perera also of St. Bridget’s Montessori, and the Third Prize by Mathushaley Piratheepan of Tiny Tots Montessori. They all received medals in recognition of their performance. Every participant was also awarded a Certificate of Participation. The children as well as the parents were absolutely delighted when they were told that they could take away their child’s painting as a gift from Wycherley to the kid. Many parents expressed their appreciation of the opportunity afforded to their kids. Wycherley believes in enhancing the value of a child and aims to always work in that direction. A child’s world is the ‘window’ that gives him or her a peek to walk into life with confidence and Wycherley’s goal is to build that concept in every child.