Threefold folly

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The three Ps are back. Kebethigollawa and Wijeratne, Patricia Perera and Pineapple Juice are all a bit more decked up and revamped since March 2010, to stage the rerun of “Presidents, Promiscuity & Pineapples!” directed by Abbasali Rozais.

The plot unfolds thus. Good friends Ajith Kebethigollawa and Upali Wijeratne, who have been together since school and university days are now up against each other for the Highest Office in the land, the office of the President of Sri Lanka.

Campaigning is officially over and opinion polls put Ajith in the lead with his slogan, ‘Everything to give, nothing to gain!’ With three days to go to D-day Ajith’s wife, Ramani, is off to London for a family wedding and Nihal Godamunne, Ajith’s campaign manager will be driving her to the airport. Ajith has planned to spend the next few days in the privacy of his home with his latest clandestine interest Patricia Perera or PP as she is affectionately known. Meantime, a stock of pineapples from Ajith’s pineapple estate have just arrived and Piyadasa, Ajith’s manservant who is attempting to learn English, is going to town serving everyone pineapple juice.

What was to be a well planned and executed morning turns into a disaster when things go wrong one after another leaving Ajith Kebethigollawa, leading candidate in the presidential poll with the Opposition Candidate, Upali Wijeratne, dead on his sofa, an interview with Dick Babcock of the Times of London, an illicit affair tucked away in the bedroom, the unexpected arrival of his wife who was on her way to the airport and his son wanting to marry the daughter of the dead Opposition Candidate.

How will Ajith get himself out of this one? Will he at all? And, what did Upali come to tell him and why has he collapsed? Unwind the rest of the story from June 17-19 at Lionel Wendt. Tickets and box-plan available at the Wendt.

Cast in order of  appearance:

Ajith Kebethigollawa -

Indu Dharmasena

Ramani Kebethigollawa - Sanwada Dharmasena

Piyadasa - Sanjeewa Weerasinghe

Nihal Godamunne - Abbasali Rozais

Anusha - Ruwendi Wakwella

Patricia Perera- Krys Sosa

Upali Wijeratne - Charendra Dahanayake  

Alan Kebethigollawa - Sohan Rathnayake

Suren Kebethigollawa - Wasaam Ismail

Dick Babcock - Gehan Cooray

Achini Wijeratne - Oshini Gunawardana