Logos Hope: Have you experienced it yet?

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Since the arrival of MV Logos Hope to the port of Colombo on the 30th of August, over 75,000 visitors have walked up the gangway to have a chance at experiencing the world’s largest mobile book fair. Logos Hope offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 titles at affordable prices. They cover a range of subjects including science, sports, cooking, hobbies, and family life. With children’s titles including academic texts, dictionaries, atlases and more, the book fair is something the whole family can enjoy. But this vessel has proved to be is more than just about the amazing range of books. The Logos Hope has also been a place where a variety of events and seminars have been held under a diverse spectrum of subjects. The English Café is one of the ship’s feature programs and guests are treated to a showcase of cultural items, songs, dances and drama that will take your breath away. This was held on 7 September and will also be held on 20 September, the latter of which, the team was pleased to announce was already sold-out! The Logos team has also held many more programmes the past few weeks during its visit to Sri Lanka and has been an inspiration to many who have participated. The team is grateful for the amazing response they have received thus far! The Visitor Experience deck is also open to the public to explore and its popular International Café is a treat to complete your visit as it offers a range of home-made goodies, sumptuous ice creams, beverages and more. All of this, combined with a chance to meet the Logos team that comprises individuals from around the world who have dedicated themselves to this mission of service makes the Logos Hope the unique experience it promises to be. Days are numbered until we wish Logos Hope ‘Bon Voyage,’ so if you have not visited the ship yet this is your chance, so hurry! Logos Hope is currently berthed in the Port of Colombo only till Sunday 22 September. The ship will be opened this final week from Monday to Friday (16 to 20 September) and on Sunday (22 September) from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visitation hours will be extended on Saturday (21 September) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The entrance to the ship is at the newly built gate no.1A in front of Sambodhi Chaitiya (passed the Light House). You may purchase your tickets here which will be priced at Rs. 100. The entrance fee for children under 12 years is free but must be accompanied by an adult. There will be a free shuttle bus that will take you to Logos Hope. Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V., an international, charitable organisation registered in Germany. Since 1970 the organisation has welcomed over 42 million visitors up the gangways in over 150 countries and territories around the world. Special thanks must be given to the Abans Group for being the Logos Hope’s Chief Sponsor for their visit to Colombo.  The ship also extends gratitude to the Global Towers Hotel for their longstanding relationship and support.