Univiser announces strategic partnership with UK tech firm SkilledUp Life

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SkilledUp Life Founder and CEO Manoj Ranaweera 
Univiser Founder and CEO Ismail Sadurdeen

The world’s premier volunteer marketplace for technology companies will support Sri Lankan tech startup Univiser with user engagement, professional development, and community-building.

Univiser, a Singapore- and Sri Lanka-based tech startup that provides a peer-to-peer platform that connects university prospective students with current students, alumni, and staff, has recently announced a strategic long-term partnership with UK-based technology company SkilledUp Life. 

The move provides Univiser users with access to SkilledUp Life’s two-sided online marketplace which bridges talented volunteers from around the globe with career-enhancing opportunities at early stage tech companies from around the world.

Under the partnership, Univiser will begin offering its growing community of university student ambassadors exclusive access to volunteer opportunities available from SkilledUp Life. The move is expected to help students further their careers by gaining relevant, in-demand work experiences in their fields of interest. In addition to serving as mentors and leaders within the university community, students can now choose from career up-skill volunteer opportunities within the highly in-demand global IT sector.

“At Univiser we are more than just a product company, we want to build a community. Student ambassadors of the universities are a big part of that community. We are always looking at ways to add value for them; we are super pleased to partner with SkilledUp Life to provide remote work experience opportunities for them. Furthermore, by being selected as an Univiser ambassador there is already a level of vetting involved, all of our buddies are of high calibre, so companies can confidently work with these students who are keen to take up this opportunity,” Univiser Founder and CEO Ismail Sadurdeen said.

“I'm delighted to build a trusted and long-term partnership with Univiser, where we can introduce opportunities in early-stage technology companies to young graduates through Univiser. Due to rapid technological advancements, there will no longer be a job for every 18+ in the world. Young graduates would not just need to demonstrate excellent educational results, they would increasingly be asked to demonstrate real experiences by employers. This is where SkilledUp Life comes in. 

“As you cannot earn through us, we provide an easy way to gain new experiences and skills which you can take forward to improve your career prospects. The more effort you put in, the more opportunities we can create, which could make a significant difference in a graduate's future prospects. All opportunities are remote. All you need is a computer, access to the internet, spare time, and a willingness to improve your chances,” SkilledUp Life Founder and CEO Manoj Ranaweera said.