‘Kelaniya MBA’ expands international market presence

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MBA Coordinator (2019-2020) Dr. Ravi Dissanayake

Dean: Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies Dr. Narada Fernando

Dean: Faculty of Graduate Studies Prof. Jayamaha

The Master of Business Management (MBA) program of University of Kelaniya is one of the leading MBA programs in Sri Lanka attributed with excellences of teaching, research, industry exposure and professional intent. As per the thought of Dr. Ravi Dissanayake (MBA Coordinator: 2019-2020), “Kelaniya MBA is a brand that promises a clear value proposition of reshaping future leaders by excelling the potential of learning partners.” 

Kelaniya MBA has been an iconic postgraduate program in Sri Lanka due to its innovative content and the industry exposure. The foreign study tour featured with Kelaniya MBA is another remarkable opportunity for its learning partners that brings novel learning experiences with foreign universities and offshore companies as it provides a comprehensive industry tour as well. “Our teaching quality is very unique and differentiated, and we have added foreign faculty to Kelaniya MBA to provide more global exposure for its learning partners,” added Dr. Dissanayake. 

The annual intake of Kelaniya MBA is a competitive deal since potential applicants should justify the readiness for a 360* effort of earning the MBA with outcome-based learning process other than the required eligibilities. As highlighted by Dr. Ravi Dissanayake, “Kelaniya MBA program is an experience rather a taught program, and its fixed program schedule is a guaranteed execution with no deviation whatsoever.” 

The discipline and professionalism are the core of behavioural learning of Kelanya MBA that add values to learning partners for corporate practises. Today, Kelaniya MBA has penetrated to offshore destinations by offering the same qualification with the established flagships with foreign partners. It’s very first international entry was launching Kelaniya MBA in Bangladesh with the collaboration of Cambrian International Study Centre (CISC) located at Dhaka city. The University of Kelaniya signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) appointing the said institute in the year 2017 to launch Kelaniya MBA under the formal guidance and supervision of the University of Kelaniya. 

Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies (FCMS) Dean Dr. Narada Fernando added, 

“Kelaniya MBA completed its third intake in Bangladesh in 2020 even during the global pandemic situation since we are very proactive with our global expansion strategy.” 

According to Dr. Narada, FCMS is a very dynamic business management faculty in Sri Lanka steering with industry-linked strategies for quality business education including well demanded MBA and DBA programs offered for external students. The foreign links of Kelaniya MBA is well administrated with the inclusion of online facilities and continuous monitoring strategies backed by its competent teaching faculty. The Dean, FCMS mentioned that University of Kelaniya has been visiting to Bangladesh for the needful reviews and teacher-training activities including serving the requirement of flying faculty contribution for the Bangladesh program. 

Most of the Bangladesh students who read Kelaniya MBA are corporate executives and their views on the strategic support and collaborative knowledge sharing extended by the teaching faculty of University of Kelaniya is commendable. Maintaining the standard and the teaching quality with research excellence is one of the main priorities what FCMS concerns with its offshore MBA program. As he added, “The strategic link maintained with Bangladesh partnered institute paved many options for postgraduate program of University of Kelaniya to penetrate new potential entries.” 

The administrative contribution of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) of the University of Kelaniya rendered for postgraduate programs is quite significant. The Dean of the FGS, Professor Jayamaha specially highlights the salient focus it has on international collaborations. There are many foreign links flagged with FGS whereas MBA is one of the prominent examples. As Prof Jayamaha’s views, “Kelaniya MBA is an international level programme and initial measures have been compiled to expand it to African countries and few other South Asian destinations.” 

What he emphasised is that programs like MBA, DBA and PhD need more international presence backed by strategic collaborations what FGS of University of Kelaniya has been doing irrespective of prevailing global challenges. The continuous improvements adhered to FGS facilitates all the postgraduate programs to execute innovative practises assisted by online facilities. 

MBA Kelaniya program commenced teaching, learning, and assessment in a virtual environment in 2013. Prof. Jayamaha stated, “This virtual environment allows students to continue working at the office together with their study, and makes accessibility for the study materials to those who live too far away to visit the university regularly, or who cannot commit to set days a week.” The Kelaniya MBA is featured with the newness in overall and it devotes to impart practise-focused knowledge blended with sound theoretical contents. Dean, FGS added, “Programs like Kelaniya MBA targets corporate executives who expect to investigate the contemporarily industry practices, and our duty is to deliver such executive experiences with dynamic business knowledge.” 

The journey ahead of Sri Lankan business education needs more innovative improvements addressing to national and international trends. The postgraduate programs should be featured with a blended quality of knowledge and professionalism. The MBA program of University of Kelaniya has been able to fit with the industry requirements providing a comprehensive learning exposure with 360 impact. Being a recognised and demanded MBA programme in Sri Lanka, Kelaniya MBA has been able to make its global presence with a tremendous growth whilst stepping to new offshore markets. The mission of ‘Reshaping Future Leaders’ is steered by Kelaniya MBA with a clear strategic intent. 

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