ZAZA doubles up as sophisticated tea bar

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A steaming cup of hot tea with its subtle aroma is a well known favorite among the Sri Lankan community, whether it is savored in the morning to wake ourselves up from our slumber or offered to welcome a guest or even during a friendly evening chat with your family and colleagues, the good old cup of tea never ceases to charm us every single day.

The social tradition of enjoying tea with friends and acquaintances is firmly in its place, however, the way we like our tea has indeed changed. The ‘tea room’ culture has picked up in the recent times, thanks to the emergence of distinct tea bars/lounges worldwide.

Casa Colombo is proud to present Sri Lanka with such a tea bar which brings all the wonders of the simple tea leaf in its many forms with all the grandeur and elegance of what one would expect of an international tea bar. Zaza Bar, which is a swinging pub/bar during the night, transforms itself into a tranquil, soothing tea bar during the day with soft lounge music to relax its clients and luxurious chairs for them to snuggle up on; in summary Zaza preserves a relaxed and comfortable ambiance for a benefiting tea drinking experience.

The array of offerings includes the customary flavors of Black and Green teas but the highlights are the very rare magnificent white teas such as the Ceylon Silver Tips and their house blend ‘Casa Chai’ which is a wonderful fusion of Sri Lankan spices and Ceylon tea. Freshly baked and warm scones, delectable mini sandwiches and other tea delights add to the charm of this wondrous tea bar which sits in a glass cube surrounded by swirling water.

There are no boundaries to the things you can do with your ordinary cup of tea at Zaza; if you like yours a little stronger, they will make sure you get a buzz with each sip of your tea cocktail.

Once you drop into the Zaza tea bar, coming back over and over again will no longer remain an option. Whether you want to cuddle up in the comfy ball chairs with a good book, have a meeting with a client or simply have a good time with your friends, it’s geared up to cater to all your needs.