The best ‘bites’ in the village at Nuga Gama

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Sri Lanka’s only village in the city, Nuga Gama, has launched a brand new ‘bites’ menu, with eight signature dishes, infused with tradition and innovation, so your village experience can be even the more authentic.

‘Bites’ is a typically Sri Lankan conception, used to describe spicy snacks that go well with drinks. So, as you stroll down the narrow gravel path, past the herb bushes swaying on either side, across the small paddy patches with the friendly scarecrow, pass the little village ‘kade’ and across the lush vegetable gardens, making your way under the shady branches of the imperial Nuga tree, to sit down and enjoy a pep-up drink, you now have an array of delicious bites to accompany your experience.

As you lose sight of the fact that you are, in reality, in the heart of the city, this interesting range of traditional Sri Lankan village bites made with the inventive insight of Chef Sujith will certainly hit the spot.

The fried fresh water fish and fried kumbalawa will appeal to seafood lovers who appreciate a Sri Lankan crunch in their bites, while the boiled manioc will give you a unique yam experience, and the fried manioc and ash plantain chips may leave you discontent with normal French fries thereafter!

The clay pot roasted chicken imbues the flavours of slow clay pot cooking used in authentic village cooking.

The boiled ‘kiri cadju’ and ‘umbalakada wadey’ makes for the perfect side dish while sipping on an afternoon or evening drink and the ‘isso bedum’ with spicy curry sauce provides a wholesome munchie, possibly found only in Sri Lanka.

Nuga Gama, situated in the rural nook of Cinnamon Grand, offers an unparalleled experience, rooted in culture and tradition.

Enabling you the luxury of a rural ambience without leaving the capital, Nuga Gama offers the most authentic of Sri Lankan cuisine with a side dish of cultural entertainment, local handcrafts and genuine rural hospitality. Call 112497468 and make a date with the best bites in the village.