Succulent duck gourmet style prepared by Master Chef Bai Ping at Golden Dragon

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Duck occupies an important place in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese cuisine. It also has the reputation of being the most delicious food Beijing has to offer. While some find it a bit too greasy, others get hooked after just one bite. In any case, Chinese style Duck is usually a fixed item on any Beijing tour itinerary. Eating Duck is a definite must for new visitors to Beijing; the other is climbing the Great Wall. This June the Golden Dragon offers eight varieties of succulent Duck prepared by Master Chef Bai Ping – so... that’s one item off your ‘to-do list’ when visiting China.

The popularity of duck in Chinese cuisine can be explained by its functionality according to the principles of Chinese dietetics, which have long been interwoven into Chinese culinary culture and are practiced on a day-to-day basis. As viewed by Chinese nutritional theory, which follows a holistic concept of yin and yang, food items are categorized by their thermal nature, flavor and influence on the body. Duck is generally considered sweet, and of neutral energetic quality; and depending on how it is cooked, it may have either a mild warming or cooling effect on the body.

During the promotion at Golden Dragon, Master Chef Bai Ping promises to offer authentic and delicious Duck flavoured throughout, inflated, wind-dried and blasted over flames until the skin is crisp.

The menu encompasses an interesting and delightful choice of Duck - Traditional Beijing Duck with Hoisin sauce, Sichuan style Duck & green beans in green lettuce and Chili-oyster sauce, Deep fried Duck with cashew nut & Red pepper in Kung pao style, Fried Duck with bamboo shoots with Shanghai sauce, Braised Duck with dry sherry, soya and spring onions, Duck with white asparagus, pepper in chili black bean sauce, Wok Fried baby Duck breast flavored with cumin and chili paste, Ping, who has mastered the art of creating delicious sizzlers has been sure to include Sizzling Duck with Hua Zhi mushroom and Sichuan sauce.

Taste the succulent Duck in gourmet style at Taj Samudra – a culinary experience unparalleled. The Duck specials are available from June 22- July 1, during lunch and dinner, priced at LKR 2200/= and upwards. Be sure to make your reservation in advance by contacting the hotel on 2446622.